TEXTJOIN Function in Excel

TEXTJOIN Function in Excel - 2019

Excel 2019 has many new features to offer users. Some of the features that were only offered in browser mode for Excel 2016, are now available for the Excel 2019 client application, i.e., available on your computer desktop. One such feature is the TEXTJOIN function.

Some software requires that information be setup a certain way in order to populate properly, but can we prepare information without having to copy and paste everything in a separate worksheet, and add the delimiting separators, without having to go into every cell?  Doing so can be very time consuming, and kind of a nightmare,  if you have a lot of data.

With TEXTJOIN, you can tell Excel what data to populate and what separator to place between the data being populated. It is super easy to setup, as long as you know what data you are pulling in and this data also works easily with 3D functionality.

Watch the video to find out how to use this function!


Watch for other “Just Tips’” articles with more about the new features of Excel 2019.

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