Team Building Training

ManagementMuch like building a structure, building a team can be perilous and pitfall-prone. Successful team building requires a firm foundation of trust, consensus and sharing.

This class teaches the important skills of building cohesiveness among coworkers and orienting a team’s efforts toward a common goal. Come away with valuable skills for improving teams– both those you are a part of and those that you lead.

Training Class Goal

Teams do not build themselves. Managers need specific skills to get everyone working together and trusting each other. This class will help managers learn how to:

  • Build rapport and resolve conflict
  • Understand team dynamics and respective roles
  • Manage competition and cooperation with teams
  • Create a cohesive identity with total buy-in


There are no requirements to attend this course

Topic Covered

  • Building team identity – the importance of team identify and how to build cohesiveness through it
  • The importance of teams – understanding the benefits of team vs individual performance; evaluating how team involvement can increase quality of performance over solo projects
  • Team dynamics – understanding the different roles that develop in teams, how people work together, how decisions and consensuses are made, competition and behaviors
  • Team trust – the importance of trust among team members and how to build it within a team; how to rebuild it after it has been breached
  • Team consensus and decision making – The importance of team consensus and how to get it as well as the different decision options within groups and how to identify and deploy each
  • Sharing feedback – how to give good feedback in a team and ensure you are actively involved in team feedback
    Resolving team conflict –Identifying constructive and destructive conflict. How to resolve conflict within a team and the various conflict management styles.

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