Summer School is calling you and your staff!

Summer School

Summer is nearly here. Is your staff ready for Summer School?

Mission Critical Training wants to help you maximize your staff’s learning potential this summer. We are offering a special bonus for private half- and whole-day training classes scheduled for this July.

Schedule a half-day of private training to run in the month of July, and we will include a 2-hour Open-house Workshop, at no additional cost. Schedule a full-day of private training, and we will include a 4-hour Workshop, at no additional cost. There is no limit on the offer, meaning you can schedule as many private training days (or half-days) as your organization would like, but the classes must run in July to receive the bonus workshops.

Our workshops offer an excellent opportunity for your staff to pit their newly-learned skills to work on their real-world projects, all under the helpful eye of our excellent trainers. This means they can get help answering question they didn’t even know they had, until their put their new skills to work.

Now, for the Summer School Bonus’s Fine Print (you knew there would be some):

  • MCT requires a minimum of three weeks to schedule training.
  • Private training is subject to availability.
  • Classes that are rescheduled to outside of July will lose the free Workshop.
  • All normal policies pertaining to MCT classes and pricing still apply.
  • For half-day classes, the free Workshop must run the same day as the class.
  • For full-day classes, the Workshop will be scheduled for another day, and the Workshop itself may be scheduled any available time between July 1 and December 31, 2019.

Contact our sales office for more information, and to schedule private group training for your staff at (303) 900-0850 in Colorado, (602) 955-7787 in Arizona, or