Effectively training with Microsoft PowerPoint can be a challenge. Learn the tips and tricks we use to keep the audience engaged and interested in the presentation to increase comprehension of the material.

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Prepare for the Project Management Professional Certification Exam and improve your project management skills with our PMP training Denver prep class. This class fulfills education requirements for PMP or CAPM certifications.

Everything from humor to accelerated learning techniques contribute to this wide-ranging success. It resembles a “kinder and gentler” version of a boot camp, where memory skills, actual Project Management tools and procedures, and counseling all play a major role in the outcome.


Students exiting this class will have intermediate and advanced PowerPoint skills for creating effective training presentations.

PMP Training Goals:

This PMP Training class gives you the skills you need to be successful with the exam and successful as a project manager.

  • Provide periodic progress checkpoints
  • Offer post-class, pre-test study recommendations
  • Give individualized support and counsel
  • Help instill confidence to pass the test

    PMP Training Topics covered

    Most people who take the PMP exam fail it the first time (50%), but with the help of our training, 96% succeed on their first try. Find out why our blend of memory aids, intensive sessions, music, games, humor and accelerated learning techniques work so well.

  • A comprehensive self-contained approach means students can focus on our materials
  • Checkpoint quizzes with comprehensive answer keys help guide the student
  • A comprehensive mock final typically matches the student’s actual PMP result within 5%
  • Color-coding and accelerated learning techniques are effective for all learners
  • Individual pre-class and midpoint counseling sessions, including Individual study plans and Post-class study
  • Class integrates Project Management tools and procedures