Outlook: Add Task View below a Calendar

Being able to combine views in Outlook is part of what allows us to be more efficient in our day-to-day work life, as having enough time to get everything done seems to consistently elude us. Therefore, anything we can do with our software to aid in this process is worth exploring. Adding a task view below our calendar view is one of the ways we can eliminate the need to constantly flip between the two areas in Outlook.

Since calendar events are separate from tasks, and tasks typically have some kind of due date, this combination view allows a user to ensure overbooking on any one day does not happen. When tasks or calendar events are out of sight, they are quickly out of mind.

There are a few options for this view, which include a normal or minimized view, and the ability to select tasks being viewed by start date or due date. Another option available to the user is ability to show completed tasks or not to show them.

Check out this video to see how this is done:

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