online_trainingLearn Microsoft Office through an interactive webinar from a live, local, expert trainer without leaving your home or office.

Our trainers are experts in Microsoft Office and in online learning. Their tips and tricks will help you feel more confident and be more productive. Connecting to the online learning you need is easy.

Do you have a specific question or issue with one of your documents? Our instructors can help. We can help untie Excel knots, format Word documents, add pizazz to PowerPoint slide shows and reorganise and automate Outlook folders.

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  • One-on-one learning focused on just what you need
  • Answers for your questions and help with your documents
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One-on-one online learning FAQ

  • Is it really live and interactive?
  • Can I ask questions or work on my own documents?
  • Do I need a high speed internet connection?
  • What are the minimum requirements for my computer?
  • Do I need special software on my computer?
  • What are the terms and conditions for this service?