Excel Navigation and Views

Excel navigation and views are discussed in nearly every Excel class we offer. We cover everything from basic usage to viewing and managing complex, large databases.

Excel Basic

In our Basic Excel class we introduce the software by discussing:

  • The Ribbon
  • Office Buttons
  • Menus
  • Cells, columns, rows
  • Freezing and splitting panes
  • Zooming
  • Hiding columns & rows
  • Renaming and coloring tabs
  • Moving, copying, and inserting worksheets

Excel Intermediate

Our Intermediate class covers tools that are useful for users who are starting to automate work with formulas and build more detailed spreadsheets.

  • Showing formulas & references
  • Tracing precedents and dependents
  • Grouping rows and columns
  • Cell comments
  • Headers & Footers

Excel Advanced

As spreadsheets and workbooks become more complex, viewing data can be more difficult. Our Advanced class exposes to students the tools for understanding complex data.

  • Lookups, Hlookups, Vlookups
  • Pivot Tables
  • Custom views
  • Default views
  • Filters and grouping

Excel Managing Databases

Our Excel Managing Databases class covers tools useful for handling very complex data and workbooks with large amounts of data.

  • Custom views
  • Arranging data
  • Filtering data
  • Watch window
  • Viewing and editing VBA code

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