• Management 101

    Have you just stepped into a new management role? Are you an experienced manager who knows they can be more effective, but aren’t sure how?  This course provides you with the tools and skills you need to embark on the Management path. With this course you will receive the basic Leadership and management training needed to get started in your new management role. Read more

    Learn how to create the structure for your team, and how to manage the people to make your team successful. You will learn how to hire the right people, how to create the vision and goals of the team, and how to ensure your employees know what is expected of them. You will also learn how to keep them on track, hold them accountable, and motivate them, to ensure the most success. The training will also cover key communication skills in coaching your employees, holding successful meetings, and establishing your credibility.

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  • Managing Remote Employees

    Managing remote employees can prove rewarding, liberating and fulfilling…or you can feel like an empty nest parent whose kids don’t stay in touch.Read more
    Building teamwork, trust and trackability are three cornerstones of effective remote management of virtual employees. Learn how to build credibility and confidence with a virtual workforce.
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  • Team Building

    Much like building a structure, building a team can be perilous and pitfall-prone. Successful team building requires a firm foundation of trust, consensus and sharing.Read more
    This class teaches the important skills of building cohesiveness among coworkers and orienting a team’s efforts toward a common goal. Come away with valuable skills for improving teams– both those you are a part of and those that you lead.
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  • Interviewing Skills for Managers

    In this employers’ market, you may have a wealth of talented candidates to choose from; but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily attract, screen and select the best for your company.Read more
    Help your company build the most efficient, productive and creative workforce possible when you acquire the knowledge and professional skills to find, interview and hire.
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