Mail Merge in Word

Mail merge in Word

Being able to enter data and save it in one central location is great, but being able to access the information is more important, since data that never gets used for anything is pretty worthless data. In some cases, we use our data for statistics, so we can make decisions for the future of the company. In others, we could be using the data for current reporting, enabling us to make day-to-day decisions. Alternatively, we may need to use our data to help us market to our existing clientele, or bring back clientele that have possibly moved on from using our company. For this last option, we need a way to quickly create the necessary labels, letters, or mailers from data that was downloaded from a database, which typically is downloaded into an Excel file. To do this, we can use the Mail Merge feature in Word. This is quick and easy to do.

Just follow the steps in this video:

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