Our computer training center holds only 12 students, and that’s how we like it. With small class sizes, we can ensure that every student gets what they need. No one is left behind.

Small class sizes make all the difference. In our training center, you’ll get more for your investment of time and money.

  • Individual attention – Our instructors are committed to working with every student to ensure they get what they need from the class.
    Specific questions answered
  • Students are welcome to ask as many questions as they would like. In a small class, we have ample opportunity to cover these questions.
  • Easier to see and be seen- In a small class, the instructor will know everyone in the class and be able to differentiate around each individual’s needs. The whiteboard and plasma screen TV are easy to see from anywhere in the room.
  • More interactive – Small classes are more interactive. The class fits you and addresses your needs and questions.

Hotel Ballrooms are for Proms, Not Training

Some of our national competitors fit as many as 50 students in a traditional class or hundreds in a traveling class held in a hotel ballroom. The training experience is as impersonal as a football stadium.

Our Classes – Redefined

Our boutique training experience is a fast and efficient way to get the skills you need in the time you have. Please join us for a class soon.

Professional Development Classes

Especially when training topics like leadership, management, and communication, small classes are very important. We limit our professional development class sizes too, so the instructor has an opportunity to develop rapport and a relationship with the students, and the students have an opportunity to ask specific questions and get coaching from the instructor.

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