Hands-on Training

We take pride in making our classes engaging and interactive because we feel hands-on learning is more effective than passive lectures.

For our computer training classes, we provide every student with a computer, so they can build spreadsheets, edit documents, create SharePoint sites, and work with the software they are learning. You’ll never stop clicking in a class from MCS.

Because our computer class size is limited to 18 students, our instructors are able to involve every student in the material. They can easily answer specific questions, or help a student through a difficult task without interrupting the flow of the class.

Engaged students, who actively work through the material, instead of passively absorbing as much as they can, are far more likely to retain and be able to use the skills they learn. Hands-on learning keeps students engaged and active.

Professional Development classes are hands-on too. Students are often up, out of their chairs, working with each and interacting with the instructor.

Every class at MCS is hands-on.

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