Developing your Organization’s Training Program

Anyone who has tried it knows that employee development and training is not as easy as just bringing in an SME to ramble on and on about what they know. There are quite a few hurdles to get over just to get something on the schedule, not to mention to ensure a quality learning experience. … Continue reading Developing your Organization’s Training Program

Scroll to a Task in Project

Project can be used for small projects, large projects, and connected projects (two or more Project files). Regardless of the size, it can be annoying to try to find the exact position of a task in the task views. You know what task you are looking for, since you see it in the Task Name … Continue reading Scroll to a Task in Project

Adding Data Labels to Charts/Graphs in Excel

After adding a chart or graph to your Excel workbook, some items may need labeling, in order for management to see details about the data. This is different than a Legend, as that can be added differently to the chart or graph. There are three ways to add or change Data Labels in Excel, and … Continue reading Adding Data Labels to Charts/Graphs in Excel

SharePoint Permission Best Practices

  User experience goes a long way with whether someone likes using a new software or hates it. With SharePoint becoming the normal document management system for many industries, it’s important to follow best practices during implementation, ensuring that the everyday user is not frustrated with the new system. Successful setup for permissions is one … Continue reading SharePoint Permission Best Practices

Be the Boss – Complete our training survey

When it comes to training, you are the boss. When we create our classes, as well as our comprehensive training programs, we do it with you, the individual student, as well as our corporate partners in mind. We develop our classes to meet the needs of students who are looking to develop their skills and … Continue reading Be the Boss – Complete our training survey

Mailbox Shortcuts in Outlook

Most people love shortcuts, and use them regularly for just about anything.. In Outlook, a user can create shortcuts to go to various mailboxes or folders within a mailbox, with just a few easy steps. Follow the steps below to create mailbox  shortcuts in Outlook, to find your most used mailboxes, or other items, quickly: … Continue reading Mailbox Shortcuts in Outlook

Evaluating Formulas in Excel

If you build formulas with the help of the Function Library, a dialog box pops up, and helps you fill in the different areas with the correct information, then evaluates your formula as you move through the setup process. If you like to write your formulas without that help of the Function Library, then what … Continue reading Evaluating Formulas in Excel

Normalize Tables with “Analyze Table” in Access

Normalizing a table in Access is one of the most important steps toward having a database that actually works like a database. Typically, when you are the user of a database, you should be able to type information in one place and it should be accessible everywhere else. Normalization is the process of making sure … Continue reading Normalize Tables with “Analyze Table” in Access

The Best Way to Design PowerPoint Slides for a Presentation

We have all watched presentations that used PowerPoint slides.  The majority of them are done badly.  Either the slides have too much information, and you cannot really read them, or they have such bad graphics or so much glaring white background that they hurts your eyes.  Some PowerPoints have so many text-laden slides that it … Continue reading The Best Way to Design PowerPoint Slides for a Presentation

Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The winter chill is leaving and being replaced by the smell of flowers. The days are growing longer, and the sun is inspiring us to shake off the feeling of hibernation and embrace the fresh and the new. Get out the mops and brooms and put a shine on your world! In terms … Continue reading Spring Cleaning