Speaker’s notes in PowerPoint

Don’t Write Out Your Whole Speech on PowerPoint Slides Have you ever seen a PowerPoint that shows everything the speaker is going to say to the audience? Once you realize it, you find yourself reading for yourself and ignoring the speaker. At some point, you find yourself wondering why you are sitting there at all. … Continue reading Speaker’s notes in PowerPoint

SharePoint, not Shared Drive

Don’t Build a Shared Drive Typically, the reason a company chooses to move to SharePoint is to get away from the current shared drive, as they become overly complex, and no one can find anything. All too often, unfortunately, companies build out their SharePoint site to match the old shared drive. This is a poor … Continue reading SharePoint, not Shared Drive

Excel – Just a spreadsheet?

Don’t Believe It! Don’t believe that Excel is just another spreadsheet program! It is much more. By using 3D functionality, you can make Excel act like a database. Excel is much more robust than it was ten years ago, and it holds much more data. Excel, however, will never be a database. Thus, you need … Continue reading Excel – Just a spreadsheet?

Excel Boot Camp – Become a Master of the Spreadsheet

MCT’s Excel Boot Camp will get your spreadsheet skills into top form! This intensive three-day Excel course will give you the hands-on training you need to go from basic-level user to a master of this all-important application. In three action-packed days, you will master the content of the intermediate, advanced, pivot tables and charts, functions … Continue reading Excel Boot Camp – Become a Master of the Spreadsheet

Introduction to Sales and Business Development

Sales. Some people are just born to do it. Right? Not so fast – There are specific tools and techniques that can make anyone a Sales Superstar. Mission Critical Training’s Introduction to Sales and Business Development course can give you the skills you need to develop leads, wow with your brand presentations, and get your … Continue reading Introduction to Sales and Business Development

Management 101

What makes a good manager? We are all familiar with the beast, a micromanaging control freak who rules their team by fear instead of empowerment and motivation. Most employees not only fail to give their best to such a manager, they are often quickly looking for the exit door. If you are just stepping into … Continue reading Management 101

We have a new home!

  We are packing our bags (and computers) and moving! In our efforts to continue to offer the best experience to our clients, Mission Critical Training is proud to announce our new south Metro Denver location, opening April 1st: 7343 South Alton Way Suite 100, Centennial, Colorado 80112 As usual, the building is handicap accessible, … Continue reading We have a new home!

Clean up your act!

Spring has sprung and the time for Spring Cleaning is upon us! Mission Critical Training wants to help you dust off those career-advancing skills. Whether you need to refresh your Excel skills, learn to manage your time better with Outlook, or make the move up the corporate ladder with a professional development course, MCT has … Continue reading Clean up your act!

Checking for Duplicate Records with Queries In Access

Anytime you have duplicate records in Access, you run the risk of having corrupt data in your reports, because databases rely on normalized data for all tables and relationships. Normalized data means that entered data exists in only one table, and is utilized everywhere else throughout the database. This does not mean that you will … Continue reading Checking for Duplicate Records with Queries In Access

Removing Redundant Messages in Outlook

It is annoying, and wastes your time, to see 20 or 30 of the same message in your Outlook folders, especially if you store your messages as conversations.  It can mean you see the same string of messages repeatedly, along with anything that is added as the conversation moves along. In Outlook, there is a … Continue reading Removing Redundant Messages in Outlook

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