Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

It’s almost here: The busy holiday season. The old song may call it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but in reality it can be the most stressful time of year. Year-end projects, family gatherings, office parties, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, and all of that is on top of the usual demands of … Continue reading Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

Adding an Announcement in SharePoint

SharePoint has many uses, besides just document storage. It can be used as a daily intranet site, one that can display many different types of data. If there is enough traffic being driven to your SharePoint site, you can add apps and web parts that allow you to display important announcements, such as the company … Continue reading Adding an Announcement in SharePoint

Scheduling an Event in Outlook

Scheduling an event in Outlook might be second nature for most, but there are lots of little unfamiliar extras, such as inviting others to the events. In some cases, a user might be in charge of a company Outlook account, which means that all the invites to the company holiday party can be sent through … Continue reading Scheduling an Event in Outlook

Embedding Documents in Excel

Embedding documents in an Excel workbook is a technique that is not widely used, mostly because not many people know you can embed a document in a worksheet. There are three different ways to embed and/or link documents in Excel, but we are going to embed a document directly in Excel, with no links. First, … Continue reading Embedding Documents in Excel

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Emotional Intelligence and effective interpersonal communication are important tools in the workplace, but getting a handle on these skills is not always simple. Understanding the motivations of others, as well as being able to best express your ideas to others, can be central to building a strong team for any project. When these elements break … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Making the Connection with SQL

Generally, Microsoft applications have been created to play well together.  Most Office Suite users are familiar with the functionality of importing Excel charts and tables into a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, creating powerful ways to drive home your data’s importance. Similarly, SQL can be used with other Microsoft applications to bring your database’s … Continue reading Making the Connection with SQL

Creating 3D References between Workbooks in Excel

  Using 3D References between worksheets in an Excel workbook has been around for many years. It allows us to use Excel more like a database than a spreadsheet. As Excel functionality has increased, so has Excel’s capabilities, including the speed that connections update, and the types of connections that can be made between different … Continue reading Creating 3D References between Workbooks in Excel

Connecting to Excel In Access

  Access allows users to connect to various data sources, such as SQL, other databases, XML files, and SharePoint, as well as Excel files. In order to ensure a proper importing and/or linking, the data needs to have headers for each column of information. Also, there can be no entire columns or rows of information … Continue reading Connecting to Excel In Access

Mail Merge in Word

Being able to enter data and save it in one central location is great, but being able to access the information is more important, since data that never gets used for anything is pretty worthless data. In some cases, we use our data for statistics, so we can make decisions for the future of the … Continue reading Mail Merge in Word

Back to School

Do you remember the excitement that you felt when you got to go Back to School shopping? Buying new sneakers, lining up your freshly sharpened pencils, picking out just the right Trapper Keeper (either the one with the sweet gray kittens or the one with the shiny red Corvette on the cover), in order to … Continue reading Back to School

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