Automate Excel Without Macros

Many students come to us wanting to learn how to create macros in Excel to automate their spreadsheets.  However, they often don’t realize that formulas can be used to create most of the automation they want. Although we can use macros to automate steps, there are limits to macros (especially the simplistic ones that are … Continue reading Automate Excel Without Macros

Why Excel? Two unique scenarios

When you think of Microsoft Excel what comes to mind? Accounting spreadsheets? Using formulas to calculate numbers? Generally, we think of Excel only as a system to manage our numbers, but you might be surprised by some other things that you can do with this program. We are going to look at two uses for … Continue reading Why Excel? Two unique scenarios

Missing a Mouse? Use ALT – Excel

  If you’ve ever had a mouse go bad in the middle of a project, you probably called IT to bring you a new mouse.  Or if this happened at home, you drove to the store to get a replacement. Regardless of where it happens, it is Murphy’s Law that it will happen at the … Continue reading Missing a Mouse? Use ALT – Excel

Keep Decimals Out of the Equation with Data Validations in Excel

Using Data Validations in Excel can be very helpful, as validations make sure the data is entered correctly, and ensures all the intended functionality works according to plan. One possible validation scenario is the need for all numbers to be displayed as whole numbers. Follow these steps to ensure no decimals are included during data … Continue reading Keep Decimals Out of the Equation with Data Validations in Excel

Download MCT’s latest class catalog

  Want to get the very latest version of Mission Critical Training’s schedule of classes? We are happy to announce our 2019 class catalog is now available to download, for your immediate viewing pleasure. Get the most up-to-date class calendar, plus details on all of our classes and training programs, now on your desktop.  Follow … Continue reading Download MCT’s latest class catalog

Earn Free Training Deal in July

Iced tea is brewing; suntans are getting darker; barbecue grills heating up. Summer is here! While the kids are heading off to summer camp (or at least the local pool), why not take some time to focus on yourself?  Mission Critical Training is offering a hot summer training deal, to get you inspired and moving … Continue reading Earn Free Training Deal in July

Using Word Templates

When you were in school, you probably had to write according to standards set forth by the your school, such as the APA or MLA stylebooks. In Word, you can preset a template that meets those standards, and not have to remember it again. Every time you open your Word template, the document format is … Continue reading Using Word Templates

Engaging PowerPoint Presentations – Art of Expansion

PowerPoint Presentations that Keep Them Listening Have you sometimes noticed that your audience is not fully engaged with your presentation? Maybe they pay attention for a minute or two, but then they redirect their attention to their phone. Do you notice that fellow employees would prefer talking to each other or taking a nap, instead … Continue reading Engaging PowerPoint Presentations – Art of Expansion

Effectively manage remote employees

Quickly disappearing are the days of companies where all employees are based in one office.  In our globally shrinking competitive landscape, drivers for this change include: speed to service, less travel cost with clients being spread out, and improved customer service.   This creates challenges in company expectations of remote employees, and in effectively managing a … Continue reading Effectively manage remote employees

Management 101 – The Basics

Have you recently stepped into a Management role, or are you planning to in the near future?  Management is both a very rewarding and challenging job all, if it is done right.  You must be a leader, coach, and motivator for your team. Ultimately, you work for your employees.  You are the person who removes … Continue reading Management 101 – The Basics