Three Ways to Mark Tasks as Completed – Project

 Marking tasks as completed is an important part of keeping up with progress during a project. More than likely, Project Managers are not on job sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, the Project Manager may update the Project file, or someone else might, and everyone has different ideas about what is … Continue reading Three Ways to Mark Tasks as Completed – Project

Why does a simple triangle fully define a Project? The Triple Constraint

Draw a triangle. Put scope, time, and cost around the three sides. Now put Resources in the center. You have just fully captured the parameters of a Project! Customer satisfaction, quality, and risk are all about real or perceived variability in one or more of these.  This beautiful, simple model, called the Triple Constraint, drives … Continue reading Why does a simple triangle fully define a Project? The Triple Constraint

Change a Web Part Link in SharePoint

Making SharePoint easier to navigate and keeping navigation simple are two very important pieces to user buy-in. Getting these right ensures users will continue to return to the SharePoint site. Typically, when we add web parts to a page, the title link navigates to the app in the web part. But what do we do … Continue reading Change a Web Part Link in SharePoint

PowerPivot KPI Setup – Excel

PowerPivot is an added functionality in Excel that offers a dynamic way to display information from other sources. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) allows a user to dynamically create visuals for data being displayed in the PowerPivot table. Once you have a PowerPivot table setup, which requires a number of steps that include activating the … Continue reading PowerPivot KPI Setup – Excel

Customized Training for Your Company!

  Are you struggling with employees who attend training, and then do not feel as though it was worth their time out of the office?   At Mission Critical Training, we believe in delivering Training that is relevant to your job – We teach you the stuff you can actually use. Training doesn’t have to be … Continue reading Customized Training for Your Company!

Be a Time Management with Outlook Superhero

Meanwhile, back at the Work Cave. . . “Holy laser printers, Workman! That deadline is approaching fast, and you are being distracted by incoming emails!” “They are coming in every couple of minutes, Bobbin! I can’t hold them off much longer. My inbox will never be empty!” “But, Workman, what about the project?” “I’m doing … Continue reading Be a Time Management with Outlook Superhero

Task View – Windows 10

Microsoft has been updating their Windows 10 software with some features that are new to the scene. One of those is the Task View functionality that has been added to the task bar, which has an icon that looks like this: Once you click on the icon, it will give you a list of recent … Continue reading Task View – Windows 10

Professional Symbols – Word

Have you ever wondered how to add the various professional symbols in Word? Symbols for copyright, trademark, and others are available, but they are not always easy to find. The good news is that once you find the symbols you regularly use, they will remain in the Recently Used Symbols section: To find these symbols, … Continue reading Professional Symbols – Word

Show Formulas Shortcut – Excel

When prepping a workbook for a template, typically it needs to be cleared of data, so that the template is ready for new data each time a new workbook is created. The functionality, on the other hand, needs to be left intact, so that a user does not need to recreate the wheel every time … Continue reading Show Formulas Shortcut – Excel

Beginning Your Journey with Basic Level Training Courses

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Okay, so you probably aren’t really a thousand miles from getting the career skills you want, but it can feel like it, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Mission Critical Training offers excellent novice level classes of the Microsoft Office Suite application. Our … Continue reading Beginning Your Journey with Basic Level Training Courses

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