Interviewing Skills for Managers

ManagementIn this employers’ market, you may have a wealth of talented candidates to choose from; but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily attract, screen and select the best for your company. Help your company build the most efficient, productive and creative workforce possible when you acquire the knowledge and professional skills to find, interview and hire.

Interviewing Training Goals

  • Prevent the costs of turnover, including new search expenses, training and production downtime of new employees, additional payroll taxes and reduced morale
  • Increase productivity by choosing the candidate that is willing and able to do the job
  • Prevent expensive litigation when you attract and screen candidates and ask questions that are in compliance with EEOC
  • Build employee loyalty from the first interview
  • Make better hiring decisions when you get more information from the candidates and their references
  • Improve teamwork by selecting candidates that fit your company culture


There are no prerequisites for this course

Topic Covered

  • How to identify what you need and want in a candidate
  • Where to find talented candidates
  • Legal restrictions, anti-discrimination laws affecting the hiring process; appropriate questions to ask and what not to ask to avoid litigation
  • How to get more information from the candidate with behavioral interviewing techniques
  • How to check references to verify information
  • How to make the offer to ensure understanding

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