Instructor Biographies


Before joining Mission Critical in 2007, Bob built his expertise in Program Management, IT, and training from the ground up. He started with a B.S. and an Electronics degree, and then put in 26 years in helping Honeywell develop through his work in application development as a technical programmer, a Project Manager, and a manager in the Office Automation department.

Bob now offers his wealth of expertise and experience to his student’s at Mission Critical Training in Phoenix. He teaches Project Management, as well as the full complement of Microsoft applications offered at MCT. A favorite project that Bob has worked on was to design and develop an Access database, for use as an Asset Tracking system, for the Arizona Attorney General’s office. His passion for the subject matter makes Access and Excel his favorite classes to teach. Bob especially enjoys the environment of professionalism and respect offered at MCT.

When not teaching, Bob is an avid sportsman, especially golf. “When I am not in the classroom, I am either on a golf course somewhere, or planning our next tee time with a group of friends I have golfed with for over 15 years.”



To say Jenny has been with Mission Critical Training since the beginning would be an understatement: Jenny actually founded the business in 2006. “When I started the business, it was just me. I did all of the sales, training and course content development, and training.” Since those early days, Mission Critical Training has grown, under Jenny’s leadership, into a thriving, multi-campus training powerhouse, whose focus is delivering quality training experiences that help MCT’s students achieve career success.  “It has been such a rewarding experience to see our team of amazing trainers grow and work to deliver our courses, and the positive impact it makes on our clients. I started out with a mission to be a quality-based business, and focus the growth of the business on the quality of our operations and courses, rather than by driving everything with a sales focus. We care more that each person gets a quality experience, rather than making everyone a number. I think this is one reason our instructors like working here, and why our customers keep coming back. It’s also why we have avoided the webinar training delivery method, and still believe in live, in-person training classes.”

Continuing to support the growth of the business has meant that Jenny gets to spend less time in front of the classroom than in the early days of MCT. “Now we have grown so much I don’t get to train very often anymore.” However, training comes as naturally to Jenny as breathing: Four years older, Jenny used to come home from grade school to teach her baby sister everything she had learned in class that day. “I have always been involved in training in some aspect or another in my career.” After completing her degree in Communications at the University of Colorado, Jenny held a diverse array of jobs around the country (and its territories) gaining experience and breadth of knowledge. The theme of education and sharing her knowledge has been a constant in her working career. “I have been fortunate enough to have a very diverse work background, which has given me some unique jobs that helped expand my experience, from teaching sailing and windsurfing, being a sommelier, and then being a Food and Beverage manager at Caneel Bay in the Caribbean, to managing various national and international teams in the consumer electronics industry with Samsung, Lexmark, and Packard Bell/NEC, to developing and delivering training courses, as well as being a national speaker, for many fortune 500 companies. So, from drinking wine to managing and teaching technology, I’ve had a lot of great work experiences and opportunities.”

Though other duties pull her away from the class room, Jenny still loves to train whenever she gets the chance. Comfortable teaching any of the classes on the MCT roster (except Project and Advanced Access), Jenny’s favorite classes to teach are MCT’s professional development courses. “All of the professional development courses are what I am most passionate about. It’s exciting to see the deep level changes and insights in students after these classes. My top three favorites out of all of them are Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, and Managing Remote Employees.”

When not training or running MCT, Jenny is an outdoor enthusiast. “My top three passions are sailing, scuba diving, and drinking wine – though not necessarily all at the same time! But I love being outside, so any outdoor activity like hiking or just sitting on the deck is also a place you can find me. “



With a BA degree in Business Education, a MA degree in Curriculum Development, a CA Life Business Teacher Certificate, and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification, Judy Halley has taught business subjects to students from middle school to college level.   Her last teaching assignment was working with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools as a middle school business teacher. Besides her teaching experience, Judy has worked in a Washington, D.C. Congressional office using her word processing skills for the congressman’s constituent’s correspondence. Other office experience included working in the Information Technology Department as a trainer of a large global moving company in the Midwest.

Judy started working for Mission Critical Training (MCT) in 2012. Subjects taught at MCT are the wide range of Excel classes, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Her favorite class is the class that she is teaching that day—but specifically enjoys introducing students to the ins and outs of Excel. The comment she loves to hear most from a class is, “I wish I had known this months ago!”

When not at work you might find Judy playing bridge.



To say that Ken Barnhart is a hardworking trainer is an understatement. Before joining Mission Critical in 2014, Ken had a career in the Marine Corps, then international purchasing, once he left the service. These jobs always contained some facet of training, so it was an obvious direction for his career to develop. He worked as a children’s fitness instruction, then moved into higher education where he did training in both Microsoft and Apple products. Education is in Ken’s blood, and it is a love he even applies to his own life. “I have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare, a master’s degree in education, and am currently 2/3 the way through my doctorate in education.” In addition, Ken has worked extensively in project management, for his own businesses and others’, gaining a deep understanding of taking projects from inception to completion.

The list of courses that Ken teaches for MCT is extensive: Excel, SharePoint, VBA, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Time Management, SharePoint Designer, and Project. “Excel and SharePoint are my favorite classes to teach because there are so many great features in both of these software products that can improve efficiency and enhance user friendliness by allowing a user to automate many steps or tasks.”

“Working for Mission Critical Training has been great! Helping students learn more about the things they can do with the Microsoft products is fun because I get to show them hidden carrots within the software that are not common knowledge.”



Melissa Eagan is a natural born teacher. Her first job, as a teenager, was working with children at a summer camp, and then moved into early childhood education, and then worked as a music teacher. She began training adult students in computer applications and software in 2007. From there, she quickly moved up to be a training supervisor. But Melissa found that she was being drawn back to the classroom, instead of a supervisory role behind the scenes.

“I have really enjoyed getting back to the classroom. Getting to know the students is one of the most rewarding parts of live training.”

Melissa joined Mission Critical Training in 2012, and now, primarily, teaches the applications of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Like any good teacher, she, herself, learns something every time she is in front of the classroom. “I still think that the beginning Excel class is one of my favorites to teach. Since most of us start out self-taught, it is fun to fill in the gaps and really get to know Excel. I also enjoy classes like Access, where we really get into the theory behind the program, and get to build something from the ground up. “

When Melissa isn’t teaching for MCT, she happily spends time with her two active and busy boys.



While Peg joined Mission Critical Training relatively recently, she has a depth of experience in training throughout her career that is unrivaled: “ I have 20-plus years in training facilitation, instructional design, and coaching, with companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Disney University, IBM, Royal Bank of Canada, Estee Lauder, Allstate Insurance, Siemens Medical Solutions, five U.S. Hospitals, Right Management, and government organizations, such as the FDIC, the Women’s Military Memorial D.C., the Canadian Embassy, National Parks Service, and the Fish and Wildlife Service.“

While working in sales at that time, Peg “started a no-fee Job Club in Chicago during the recession of 2008, then founded a global training company, EMR healthcare technical training, and later worked in Arizona politics. Clearly, training has been riddled throughout all that I have done.” Peg’s educational credentials are no less impressive, having gotten her B.A. from Indiana University in Social Sciences and Criminal Justice, followed by graduate work in Psychology.

Peg has focused her considerable talents in teaching courses from MCT’s professional development series. “Emotional Intelligence is one my favorite courses, because it is more and more vital to have skills to connect with others and be aware of our own level of empathy. Brilliantly, EI is being used by more and more companies to hire people vs. traditional IQ these days! I cut my teeth on courses dealing with human behavior and communications. I truly love to train all of them at MCT.”

Peg enjoys the level of connection she gets from doing training classes with MCT’s private clients. “Working with MCT has been a delight, and with the private client classes in particular. Because I have a strength in customizing training to the client, getting to know their needs and wants per the topic, plus research of the organization ahead, is fun and rewarding for me, and gives value added to my participants. At MCT, the diversity of clients and industries keeps me hopping – and I like that. From a global construction company to a smaller city’s management team, both are challenging and fun to adapt to.”

When not training, Peg enjoys a well-rounded selection of pastimes. “I travel to see family and friends around the country, read every day, and am a news junky. Spending time with my family is paramount, and I exercise every day to maintain good health. Plus, I so love to eat ice cream! A real passion!”