Learn to create InfoPath forms that can gather and share information through reports, emails, and SharePoint.


Proficiency of Office 2010 applications such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

InfoPath Training Topics

    Creating InfoPath Forms

  • Explore the InfoPath 2010 Interface
  • Draft a Form
  • Add Data Validation Rules
  • Test a Form

    Importing and Exporting Forms

  • Import Form Data Using InfoPath Designer
  • Export Form Data to Excel Using InfoPath Filler
  • Export Form Data to the Web Using InfoPath Filler

    Customizing Form Layouts

  • Customize Tables
  • Format a Form
  • Insert Graphical Objects
  • Create Sections
  • Merge Forms

    Additional Form Customization

  • Auto populating fields based on User Name
  • Revealing hidden sections tied to check box options

    Managing Views

  • Create Custom Views
  • Assign User Roles to a View

    Applying Security to Forms

  • Protect InfoPath Forms
  • Restrict Access to a Form
  • Set Security Zones

    Distributing Forms

  • Publish a Form
  • Publish a Form to Email Recipients
  • Publish to a SharePoint site
  • Configuring how an InfoPath is opened

    Managing Controls

  • Describe Data Source Concepts
  • Customize Controls
  • Bind Controls

    Working with a Database and SharePoint

  • Develop a Form from a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Add Records to a Database
  • Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
  • Populate Form Controls from a Database
  • Tie a name field to a SharePoint list

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