Excel Functions and Formulas

Excel formulas and functions are essential to using the program to its fullest potential. IF you want to automate your spreadsheets, you need to understand how to create functions and formulas. Many people request Excel Macro training because they think that is how they can automate their spreadsheets. Excel Macros can do automation and are a very powerful tool. However, oftentimes what people really need is a better understanding of how to create advanced formulas and functions which can create all the automation they need.

Formulas and functions in Excel can turn your spreadsheets into a template that will automatically calculate data when its dumped in. You can add other automation as well such as populating drop-down lists, formatting data in a column a specific way such as proper case or phone number formatting. You can automatically calculate amounts based on discount tables or schedules of penalties. You can also have totals calculate from a list based on the name of the item.

Every Excel class we offer covers some formulas and functions, but for specific training in this topic we recommend our Formulas & Functions class.

In Excel Basic, we introduce basic formulas and functions for users who have never or rarely used this feature.

  • Subtraction, division, multiplication formulas
  • Cell references
  • Manually typing functions
  • AutoSum and AutoCalculate

In the Intermediate class we review simple formulas and functions, then cover additional commonly used formulas

  • Typing formulas and functions
  • Cell references and reference formulas
  • AutoSum
  • The Functions Library
  • Average, Date & Time functions
  • IF statements
  • Nesting IF statements
  • 3D references
  • Showing Formulas and references
  • Tracing Precedents and dependents

Our Advanced Excel class Introduces complex formulas.

  • Viewing available Excel functions
  • Basic text functions
  • Basic “IF”conditional formulas
  • Nestings “IF” statements
  • Concatenate and “IF” statements
  • Arrays
  • Using name ranges in formulas
  • Lookups and Lookup functions
  • HLookup
  • VLookup

Formulas and Functions
We’ve designed this class specifically for users needing to learn more about formulas and Functions.

  • Logical and Information Functions
  • Nesting IF statements and Dates Functions
  • AND Functions
  • Text and Lookup Functions
  • Find
  • Len
  • Concatenate
  • Text Functions
  • Array Functions with Transpose
  • Array Functions and SUM used with IF statements
  • Search, Length and Hyperlinks
  • IF and VLOOKUP combination functions
  • Indirect and VLOOKUP combination functions
  • Offset drop-down lists
  • ISTEXT and ROW nested with IF functions
  • SMALL function
  • INDEX function
  • IFERROR function
  • ARRAY function

Managing Databases
Our Managing Databases class discusses formulas and functions that are useful when working with large amounts of data.

  • Financial Functions and Data Tables
  • Database Functions
  • Reference Functions

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