Excel Formatting

Formatting cells and data in an Excel spreadsheets makes it more understandable and useful. There are many different items you can format in Excel. You can format fonts, borders, cell shading and spreadsheet background. You can format how numbers and dates are displayed. You can format headers and footers. You can also format cells by using Conditional formatting.

Excel Formatting

Conditional formatting is a useful way to change the appearance of a spreadsheet based on the values entered in other cells. For example, conditional icon sets and data bars can make trending more obvious by adding colors to a range of cells based on their values in comparison to others in the range. You can also set up conditional formatting to format numbers a specific color if they reach a certain threshold. We cover it in several different classes.

Though our Basic Excel class covers Excel formatting in the most depth, we also talk through more advanced formatting in some other classes.


Learn to format data and cells to make clear, clean, useful spreadsheets in our Basic Excel class. Learn how to do simple number and text formatting in cells.

  • Formatting dates and times
  • Spell check
  • Renaming and coloring tabs
  • Adjusting width and alignment
  • Formatting text in cells
  • Formatting numbers


Our Intermediate Excel class teaches Conditional formatting, as well as more advanced date and number formatting. Learn how to angle text in a cell or wrap it within a column. See how to copy formatting from one cell to another to make edits easier.

  • More on formatting text and numbers in cells
  • Merging cells
  • Wrapping text within a cell
  • Custom number formats
  • Copying formatting
  • Formatting a data series
  • Conditional formatting

Pivot Tables and Charts

Use styles and layouts to format Pivot Tables with our Excel Pivot Tables & Charts class. Learn advanced formatting techniques that can be applied to charts to make them really stand out, such as adding shapes in place of a data series, or adding images within a data series.

    • Formatting styles
    • Layouts
    • Adding shapes
    • Inserting images
    • Changing colors

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