Excel Charts

Excel ChartsExcel charts make understanding data easier by graphically reporting trends. For users who just need to learn about charts, we would recommend our Pivot Tables and Charts class, as it covers the topic in the most detail. Our Intermediate Excel class also teaches charts along with other useful topics.

There are many different types of charts. Some are useful for single series of data, while others work for multiple series of data. Chart types include bar, column, pie, lines, sparklines and bubble, just to name a few. Once charts are created in Excel, every component of them can be modified and edited. You can add trend lines, up and down bars, and other call outs, to better communicate your data. You can also apply custom formatting to any plot of information on a chart that includes colors, shapes and pictures. By combining PivotTable functionality you can create PivotTable charts that allow users to filter and analyze the data in unique ways. You also have the ability to edit the background of a chart and its title by using SmartArt. Too often people get used to just the standard chart defaults and don’t realize how quickly and easily they can customize their charts into an entirely different picture!

  • Excel Intermediate
    We introduce creating simple charts in the Intermediate Excel class.

    • Creating and defining a chart
    • Positioning, rotating & resizing charts
    • WordArt in charts
    • Editing charts in Excel
    • Changing chart types
    • Formatting a data series
    • Multiple series charts
  • Pivot Tables and Charts
    Half of this class is dedicated to Excel charts.

    • Creating charts
    • Modifying design layout and format
    • Creating charts from non-consecutive data
    • Drop-lines
    • Axis formatting
    • Replacing chart series with pictures or shapes
    • Analysis tools
    • Trending tools
    • Using secondary axis
    • Highlighting relationship differences with charts
    • Combining 2 charts into 1
  • Excel Dashboards
    This class looks at how to create visual data analysis spreadsheets that incorporate charts.

    • Visualizing Data with Basic Charts
    • Create Charts
    • Modify and Format Charts
    • Advanced Charting Techniques
    • Use Advanced Chart Features
    • Create Sparklines

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