Excel Boot Camp – Become a Master of Excel

man lifting barbells

MCT’s Excel Boot Camp will get your spreadsheet skills into top form!

This intensive three-day Excel course will give you the hands-on training you need to go from basic-level user to a master of this all-important application. In three action-packed days, you will master the content of the intermediate, advanced, pivot tables and charts, functions and formulas, and managing databases classes, giving you a thorough understanding of Excel and all of the things it is capable of.

Once you complete our boot camp, you will have a deep command of formulas and functions, be able to expertly format spreadsheets, know how to analyze data, visually and dynamically display information, be able to share spreadsheets with others,  create drop-downs and automation, lock cells, and use the advanced features in Excel.

With plenty of interactive exercises, as well as our knowledgeable instructor with you in the classroom to guide the way, you can go from beginner to expert in the span of a few days’ time!

Register online, or contact our sales office for more information, including our private group training discounts, at 303-900-0850 in Colorado, or 602-955-7787 in Arizona, or email us at training@mcstech.net.
MCT is happy to offer some of our Excel training online. Check it out!