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Course Description

Advanced Microsoft Word Training in Denver & Phoenix


Class Price: $235

What’s included – a $1,150 value with:

  • Face-to-face, live interactive class
  • Retake – allows you to retake the entire class if you need a refresher within 6 months
  • Workshop – get 1on1 help from an instructor on your own work projects to help you apply what you learned, up to 6 months after the class
  • Lunch & Learn session – choose from different topics to learn something new in the future
  • Hard copy training manual – to take notes and take with you for future reference
  • Quick Tip sheet – color reference card with the top tips from class
  • Just Tips Newsletter subscription – for ongoing monthly tips to help you learn even more!

At its most advanced, Microsoft Word is capable of things a novice user could never imagine. Learning the advanced features of this essential application will simplify your work with features like Mail Merge and macros to automate repetitive word processing tasks. Advanced editing and formatting feature will give your documents the professional look and finish they need.  This Advanced Microsoft Word training in Denver & Phoenix covers advanced topics in the application, and is for users who want to build complex, interactive documents using automation features. Learn in the comfort of one of Mission Critical’s training centers, where our skilled educators will answer all your questions and lead you to a thorough understanding of the MS Word. You will also get the chance to complete many practice activities to ensure you have mastered each lesson.

Training Class Goals

Students exiting this Advanced MS Word training class will be able to use automation features in Word to build complex documents and templates that employ the advanced features of the program.  They will be able to use tools to ease the task of creating and readying for post a mail campaign, including importing mailing lists and other data from external sources. Students will learn to create advanced forms and templates, as well as master reference tools, such as cross referencing and table of contents pages.  Students will exit this class knowing how to record macros that simplify repetitive tasks.


Students who enter this Advanced Word training seminar should already possess strong foundational skills in Word and solid computer skills. The class is designed for those who work in the application very regularly.

Topics Covered

  • Creating labels
  • Mail merge letters
  • Using data from external sources
  • Importing and formatting data

Creating Forms & Templates

  • Form layout
  • Drop down menus
  • Check boxes
  • Text form fields
  • Duplicating content controls

Tables of contents

  • Automating with headings
  • Updating
  • Linkage


  • Hyperlinks in a document
  • Bookmarking
  • Cross references

Additional Tools

  • Watermarks
  • Word count
  • Readability statistics
  • Translation


  • Recording a macro
  • Adding the macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Pre-Creating Word Macros

Become a Word wiz when you master the advanced features of the application with Mission Critical Training’s Advanced MS Word training seminar, offered in both Denver and Phoenix.

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