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Visio Basic Training Courses In Denver and Phoenix From Mission Critical Training


Microsoft’s Visio is a great tool for graphically organizing concepts and charting ideas. This powerful application allows you to create visual representations of information, such as organizational charts, project visualizations, flowcharts, engineering diagrams, and maps.  These diagrams can make understanding large amounts of complicated information as simple as reading a flow charts. Learn to build clear diagrams with Mission Critical Training’s basic Visio class. Your experienced instructor will be with you every step of the way, in one of our state-of-the-art training faculties in Denver and Phoenix, leading you to a full understanding of the material, and ready to answer all of your questions.  This Visio training course includes plenty of hands-on activities, allowing you to have confidence that you have mastered each lesson.

Class Price: $235

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this Visio basic training class will have the skills to develop a Visio diagram using graphics, text, and other elements. Students will develop the skill confidence to be comfortable navigating in the Visio environment, and will understand different chart types, as well as how to use Visio templates.  Students will learn how to create shapes and relationships within their charts.  They will also be able to enter and format text into a Visio diagram. Students will leave this course with solid foundational skills in Microsoft’s Visio application.


Students entering this basic Visio training course should possess basic computer skills, and have some familiarity with Microsoft Office.

Topics Covered

  • Using templates
  • Shape stencils
  • Navigating with panning and zooming
  • Shapes (creating, editing and organizing, grouping, rotating)
  • Drawing and reshaping objects (arcs, ellipses, squares, free form)
  • Duplicating objects
  • Editing objects
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Using connectors (dynamic, splitting, automatic)
  • Using the stamp tool
  • Text (adding, formatting, bullets, paragraph text, adding to shapes, and connectors)
  • Title blocks
  • Creating flow charts
  • Creating organizational charts
  • Block diagrams
  • Format painter
  • Page properties
  • Background pages
  • Inserting graphics
  • Hyperlinks

Learn to graphically represent your ideas with a Mission Critical Training basic Visio course, offered in both Denver and Phoenix.

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