SQL Advanced Querying

Course Description

SQL Advanced Querying

icon_accessTake SQL queries even father and learn how to restructure and index tables. Learn how to manipulate the data in the tables using advanced queries.

Training Class Goal

Students will create advanced SQL queries to manipulate and index tables.


SQL Querying Fundamentals.

Topics Covered

  • Create a Simple Table
  • Create a Table with Constraints
  • Add and Drop Table Columns
  • Add and Drop Constraints
  • Modify the Column Definition
  • Back Up Tables
  • Delete Tables

Working with Views

  • Create a View
  • Manipulate Data in Views
  • Create Aliases
  • Modify and Drop Views

Indexing Data

  • Create Indices
  • Drop Indices

Managing Transactions

  • Create Transactions
  • Commit Transactions

Advanced Querying Using Subqueries

  • Search Based on an Unknown Value
  • Search Based on Multiple Unknown Values
  • Compare a Value with Unknown Values
  • Search Based on the Existence of Records
  • Generate Output Using Correlated Subqueries
  • Filter Grouped Data Within Subqueries
  • Perform Multiple-Level Subqueries

Manipulating Table Data

  • Insert Data
  • Modify Data
  • Delete Data

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SQL Advanced Querying
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