SharePoint Designer 2016

Course Description

SharePoint Designer Training

Open up the back end of SharePoint to create customer pages and workflows. Our two day class will take your skills to the next level.

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will be able to improve the branding of their sites, build and deploy workflows, and use the tool to pursue more complex projects.


Students should be comfortable using SharePoint and be very comfortable with computers in general. A technical background is not necessary to be successful in this class.

Topics Covered

  • What’s New in SharePoint Designer
  • Installation and using the application
  • Tour of the SharePoint Designer User Interface
  • Best Practices

Editing Pages in SharePoint Designer

  • Task Panes
  • The Ribbon
  • Editing Surface
  • Status Bar
  • Creating New Pages

Using SharePoint to Store Data

  • Creating Lists
  • Managing Data
  • Using Content Types
  • Special Site Columns
  • Document Sets
  • Working with Views
  • Creating your own template

Managing Web Parts

  • Creating pages for Web Parts
  • Web Part Gallery
  • Adding and configuring web parts on a page
  • Connecting Web Parts
  • Fixing Broken Pages
  • Exporting Web Part Configurations

Displaying Data

  • Data Sources and Data Views
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Data View Web Parts
  • Creating Data Pages in SharePoint Designer

External Content Types

  • Discuss Business Connectivity Services
  • Explore External Content Types
  • Create a new External Content Type
  • Create External Lists

Custom List Actions

  • Creating and configuring Custom List Actions
  • Creating a custom action to print lists
  • Associating Custom List Actions with Workflows
  • Moving and exporting Custom List Actions

Styles and Themes

  • What is Branding?
  • High level overview of SharePoint Branding
  • Branding with SPD

SharePoint Workflows Topics Covered


  • What is a workflow?
  • Workflow-enabled SharePoint objects
  • Tools for building SharePoint workflows

Custom Designer Workflows

  • Intro to SharePoint Designer workflows
  • Components of a SharePoint Designer workflow
  • Create your first SharePoint Designer workflow

Task Processing in SharePoint Designer workflows

  • SharePoint Designer task actions
  • Custom task processes in SharePoint Designer workflows

Advanced SharePoint Designer Workflows

  • SharePoint Designer workflow templates
  • Customizing the out of the box workflows
  • Workflow actions for document sets
  • Workflow actions and conditions for security
  • Using external data in a SharePoint Designer workflow

Custom Visio SharePoint workflows

  • Building a Visio workflow
  • Importing Visio workflow into SharePoint Designer
  • Publishing and Visio Graphic Services

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