SEO and Digital Marketing

Course Description

SEO and Digital Marketing Training in Denver & Phoenix

sales-and-marketingLearn how to gain more leads from your website, create brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales from your online marketing efforts.

Training Class Goal

In this hands-on SEO and digital marketing workshop, you’ll learn the strategies and tactics you need to know in order to outsmart and outrank your competition on Google through this Sales & Marketing training in Denver & Phoenix.


There are no requirements to attend the workshop and you don’t need to have a technical background or prior SEO knowledge. However, you’ll get a lot more out of this workshop if you have some familiarity with Google Analytics and potentially also with Google Search Console (formerly know as Google Webmaster Tools). It is also recommended that you have a Google Account and access to a Google AdWords account.

Topics Covered

  • The basics of SEO and how the major search engines work
  • Introduction to project templates used at digital marketing agencies
  • Website health check: Learn how to ensure that your website is ready to be optimized
  • Learn ways to discover the keywords that will drive traffic to your website
  • SEO keyword research and group exercise

On-Page Optimization Best Practices Part I

  • Learn how to optimize every page of your website including: Meta Tags, Image Tags, Alt Tags, content optimization, URL structure and more
  • On-Page Optimization Part I group exercise

On-Page Optimization Best Practices Part II

  • Learn how to take advantage of freely available information, tips and tricks from Google and other search engines
  • Content development and hyperlinking best practices
  • On-Page Optimization Part II group exercise

Off-Page Optimization Best Practices

  • Backlinks:
    • Learn how to evaluate your website’s backlinks
    • Developing a winning backlink strategy
  • Put optimized business listings to work for you
  • Learn how to take advantage of directory listings
  • Learn how online marketing agencies get the most out of search engine optimized press releases
  • Learn how to make document sharing sites (aka “Piggyback” sites) such as SlideShare part of your SEO strategy
  • Social bookmarking

Social Media Marketing

  • Develop a social media strategy that will support your overall SEO and online marketing efforts
  • Content calendar development
  • Social media tools

Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Online Lead Generation Case Studies

  • See real examples and case studies of successful digital marketing programs. You’ll learn what and why the tactics and strategies work

This training is a good fit for:

  • Marketing and business professionals interested in learning how to increase their company’s online visibility and boost sales from their digital marketing efforts
  • Business owners in charge of their own online marketing efforts
  • Web designers eager to deepen their SEO knowledge
  • Marketing consultants who would like to provide SEO and online marketing consulting as part of their service offerings
  • And anyone wanting to refresh their SEO and digital marketing knowledge

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