Public Speaking 1

Course Description

Public Speaking Level 1 – Mastering the Basics of Presentations

communicationDoes the thought of giving a presentation cause you anxiety? Public speaking is a skill that can be developed through training. In our public speaking courses you will develop the skills you need to communicate with conviction, clarity and confidence. The Public Speaking Level 1 Communication Training in Denver & Phoenix will help you master the basics in learning how to enhance your own natural speaking style, organize your information, overcome fear, and create a polished presentation.

Class Cost:$410

Training Class Goal

With the public speaking level 1 class, you will learn the components of an effective presentation and how to put together the pieces of your content to deliver a memorable speech. This course gives you all of the details on laying the foundation for a solid presentation. It will show you how to prepare for your audience, how to grab their attention, and how to ensure you are delivering content that is impactful for your audience. It will also give you techniques to overcome your fear and be more comfortable when presenting. This public speaking course will help you:

  • Gain confidence and ease when presenting to an audience
  • Understand your audience
  • Communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Understand how to organize your information for high impact
  • Know how to start and end a presentation effectively
  • Learn how to deal with nerves

Students will create their own presentation during the course and practice components of it, as well as view and analyze their presentations via recordings during the class.


There are no prerequisites for the course

Topics Covered

  • Common myths of presentations
  • Create an audience profile and set presentation parameters
  • Develop clear content that addresses audience expectations
  • Develop the body and content of a presentation
  • Create powerful introductions
  • Control and manage fear
  • Create impactful introductions and closings
  • Developing a strong presence
  • Preparing the environment

Our public speaking classes and courses will help you learn how to create a presentation and deliver it in an effective, profession and engaging way.

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