PowerPoint Intermediate

Course Description

Intermediate PowerPoint, Improving Skills and Platform Knowledge Training in Denver & Phoenix


Are your PowerPoint presentations lacking the polish or punch you’d like them to have?  Our Intermediate PowerPoint Training in Denver & Phoenix lets you take your PowerPoint skills to the next level, enabling you to make more complex, interactive, and engaging presentations. This course will give you the ability to better customize presentations, to really make them your own. The course provides ample interactive activity, allowing you to be sure that you have mastered each lesson.  Our experienced educators will be with you every step of the way, leading you to a thorough understanding of the material, and answering all of your questions.

Class Price: $235

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will have mastered Intermediate PowerPoint skills, allowing them to better design interesting PowerPoint presentations, using many of the more advanced features of the program.  Students will understand more advanced slide formatting techniques and will learn to better use the master slide.  They will learn to use more advanced animation techniques as well as how to work with pictures and SmartArt.  More advanced presentation tools will also be covered.


Students entering the Intermediate PowerPoint training course should have a general familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint, including adding slides, editing content, and working with graphics.

Topics Covered

  • Creating a new presentation
  • Inserting text from a file
  • Deleting slides
  • Adding text
  • Organizing slides

Slide Master & Normal View

  • Formatting the Slide Master
  • Slide Master placeholders
  • Slide Master fonts
  • Changing slide layouts
  • Working on a slide in normal view

Pictures & WordArt

  • Inserting pictures
  • Resizing and moving clip art
  • Modifying pictures
  • Adding pictures to the master slide as a background
  • Adding pictures to content placeholders
  • Adding WordArt
  • Formatting WordArt


  • Converting text to SmartArt
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Creating SmartArt from scratch

Custom Animation

  • Slide sorter view
  • Applying custom animation
  • Multiple animation effects
  • Motion paths

Completing the Presentation

  • Running the presentation
  • Packaging for CD
  • Linking slides
  • Hiding slides
  • Audience handouts
  • Presentation tools

Learn to go beyond the basics to build more complex and engaging presentations with Mission Critical’s Intermediate PowerPoint training class, offered in both Phoenix and Denver.

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