Course Description

LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

sales-and-marketingLearn how to build an attention-getting profile on LinkedIn, strategically develop and communicate with a network of connections, and enhance sales and marketing reach.

Class Price: $235

Training Class Goal

Students will be able to more effectively make use of LinkedIn as a powerful marketing and business development tool. Learn how to create a powerful profile, easily find and attract desired connections, and promote business for more sales.


There are no requirements to attend this class. However, be sure to bring your login credentials to access your LinkedIn profile, so you can update it during class.

Topics Covered

Building a Strong Profile

  • Enhance Your Profile to Help You Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Create an Attention-Getting Headline and Summary
  • Increase Your Professional Through Posting Articles and Updates
  • Create Position Descriptions with Key Words to Increase Your Rank in Searches
  • Reference Your Community Involvement and Contributions in Accomplishments
  • Demonstrate “Social Proof” via Recommendations and Skill Endorsements

Grow & Communicate with Your Network

  • Build Your LinkedIn Network Strategically – We Are Who We Associate With
  • Create Practical Systems to Communicate Effectively with Connections
  • Reinforce Relationships with Key Connections Through Sharing Their LinkedIn Activity
  • Rely on Notifications Section to Help You Recognize and Honor Achievements of Connection

Effective Searching

  • Use Targeted Searches to Connect Key People by Position, Company and Industry
  • Leverage Existing Connections to Help Foster Relationships with People Found in Search Results
  • Compare Search Options of Free Accounts with Those of Premium Accounts

Manage Your Account

  • Ensure LinkedIn Connections Have Your Current Contact Info
  • Ensure That Your LinkedIn Emails Alert You to LinkedIn Activity You Don’t Want to Miss
  • Make Your LinkedIn Experience More Efficient Through Help Center Tutorials

Using Company Pages & Groups

  • Identify Potential Clients & Referral Partners Through Searching Company Pages
  • Create and Participate in LinkedIn Discussion Groups to Engage With Business Colleagues

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