Excel Managing Databases

Course Description

Managing Databases in Excel

excel_tipThis class is for people who have to manage large tables of data within Excel. This class will teach students how to manage databases in Excel, and the tools and formulas that work best in dealing with this type of data. The class looks at database functions, macros, analysis tools, and viewing tips, to best work with large amounts of data.

Training Class Goal

Do you feel like you have rows and rows of data and it’s hard to make heads or tails of it? This class will help you learn how to manage databases in Excel and get the most out of them. You will learn how to analyze Excel data and how to better manage large tables of data in Excel. You will learn the most useful database functions in Excel to help you add, average, count and find information in your rows. You will learn how to use macros, which can help you automate repetitive steps in large lists of data.


Understanding of Excel fundamentals including formatting, navigation and basic formulas.

Topics Covered

Database Management Tools

  • Arranging and viewing large amounts of Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sparklines
  • Watch Window
  • Group and Summarize Data
  • Subtotal Data
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Custom Views
  • Excel Workspace
  • Page Break Preview

Functions & Formulas

  • Financial Functions
  • The Amortization tool
  • Data Tables
  • Data Consolidation tools
  • Naming cell ranges
  • Database functions
  • Reference Functions
  • Other classes covering functions

What-If Analysis Tools

  • Goal Seek
  • Solver
  • Scenarios
  • Analysis toolpack


  • Planning & Recording
  • Running
  • Viewing and Editing VBA Code
  • Saving

Collaboration Tools

  • Tracking changes
  • Sharing and Merging Workbooks

Learn how to manage databases in Excel with this class. Learn the tools that will help your large amounts of data seem more manageable and easier to sort through and analyze. Understand what functions work best with large tables, and how you can automate repetitive steps with simple macros.


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