Excel Boot Camp

Course Description

Excel Workshop and Boot Camp

excel_tipOur Microsoft Excel boot camp class covers most of our Excel content in an action packed 3 days. This Excel course includes the content from the intermediate, advanced, pivot tables & charts, functions and formulas, and managing databases topics.

Excel Boot Camp Goal

Students exiting the Microsoft Excel Boot Camp class will be comfortable using advanced features in Microsoft Excel to do a variety of tasks. They will understand formulas and functions in depth, will be able to expertly format spreadsheets, will know how to analyze and display data with pivot tables and charts, will be able to share spreadsheets with others and provide drop-downs and automation as well as lock cells.


This class starts at the Intermediate level, so students should already have basic Excel skills including: navigation, basic formatting, basic formulas, and entering data into a spreadsheet.

Topics Covered

  • Review of basic formulas
  • “IF” statement formulas
  • Conditional formatting
  • Using functions
  • Filling a series
  • Copying and pasting formulas
  • Organizing, copying, color coding
  • Using 3-D references and formulas
  • Hyperlinks
  • Screen tips
  • Formatting cells and appearance
  • Cell comments
  • Freezing panes
  • Grouping columns
  • Adding footers
  • Text functions
  • Arrays
  • Label formulas
  • Add ins
  • Look up values
  • Transposing data
  • Custom views
  • AutoFilters
  • Custom lists
  • Embedding
  • Linking and linking as icon
  • Locking cells, protecting worksheets and workbooks
  • Date & time
  • Mathematical functions
  • Text, database, financial functions
  • Informational, statistical, logic functions
  • Lookup and reference functions
  • Nesting IF statements
  • Data tables
  • Database functions
  • Reference Functions


  • Creating, sorting and filtering data
  • Formatting styles, numbers, and layouts
  • Grouping data
  • Comparison and total options
  • Calculated fields and items
  • Combining multiple data sources
  • Conditional formatting
  • Pivot Charts

Excel Charts

  • Creating and modifying design, layout and format
  • Creating charts from non-consecutive data
  • Drop-lines
  • Axis formatting
  • Replacing chart series with pictures or shapes
  • Analysis tools
  • Trending tools
  • Using secondary axis
  • Highlighting relationships differences with charts
  • Combining 2 charts into 1

Database Management Tools

  • Arranging data
  • Filtering data
  • Conditional, formatting, sparklines
  • Watch window
  • Group and summarize data
  • Subtotal data
  • Removing duplicates
  • Custom views
  • Excel workspace
  • Page Break Preview

What-If Analysis Tools

  • Goal Seek
  • Solver
  • Scenarios


  • Planning & recording
  • Running
  • Viewing and editing VBA code
  • Saving

Collaboration Tools

  • Tracking changes
  • Sharing and merging workbooks

This Excel course will enable you to master excel features so that you can have confidence in creating and manipulating spreadsheets.

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