Excel Advanced

Course Description

Course Description

excel_tipThe Advanced Excel class is designed for everyday users of Excel, who want to take their skills to the next level. Advanced Excel training covers more intricate formulas, creating validations, writing macros , embedding other documents, and protecting your data in Excel. The class includes useful functions for various business applications, as well as how to combine them with other functions.

Training class GoalPreRequisites

Understanding of Excel fundamentals including formatting, navigation, basic formulas, basic functions. Students should be comfortable with basic IF statements.

    Advanced Formulas

  • Viewing available Excel functions
  • Basic text functions
  • Basic “IF” conditional formulas
  • Nesting “IF” statements
  • Concatenate and “IF” statements with concatenate
  • ISBLANK Function
  • COUNTBLANK Function
  • Arrays
  • Using name ranges in formulas
  • Other classes covering Formulas and Functions

    Look Ups and Other Functions

  • Lookups and Lookup functions
  • HLookup
  • VLookup
  • Calculating days of the week
  • Calculating number of weekdays from a date
  • Calculating months between 2 dates
  • SUMIF Function
  • Other classes covering Lookups

    Data Views, Layouts, and Rules

  • Transposing Data
  • Validations for length and drop-down lists
  • Custom Views

    Introduction to Macros

  • Developer Tools
  • Saving Macros
  • Absolute vs Relative Macros
  • Recording Macro
  • s

  • Creating Macro buttons
    • Additional Tools in Advanced Excel

    • Embedding and linking
    • Editing and embedded object
    • Editing a linked object
    • Linking as an icon
    • Protecting worksheets
    • Locking cells
    • Protecting a workbook

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