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WordCompanies use the Microsoft Office suite every hour of every day to accomplish tasks throughout the office. These tools can be used for organizational reasons, contact with clients, or for daily assignments. Microsoft Word is a very commonly used tool in the office for typing, note taking, and business documents. The user can choose to start from a pre-made template or they can start with a blank document and create from there. Do you feel un-familiar with how to efficiently utilize all that Word can do? We offer Microsoft Word trainings that will meet you at the level you are currently at within this tool and we will help you expand your knowledge and skills.

Mission Critical Training offers many different courses and it is our goal to make you more efficient in your workplace. We will build your confidence through creating an environment that offers you a safe place to learn. Our class sizes range from 6-12 people, but often they land around 6 people. We do this on purpose so that our trainers can give you the individual attention that you need to succeed. Do you prefer to be in a classroom and to have the trainer there with you to answer any questions you have face to face? Then you have come to the right place because our Microsoft Word training offers just that.

Are you Colorado or Arizona? We have locations that offer both Microsoft Word trainings in Denver and Microsoft Word trainings in Phoenix or in Westminster. Both cities are growing exponentially and they are bursting with opportunity. Take advantage of all that Mission Critical Training can offer in these cities to you and your business.

Above in the tab bar you can locate a Calendar tab, this will take you to where all our training dates are listed. Register today to secure your spot in one of our challenging courses to gain a better understanding of Microsoft Word and all that it can offer.

Are you unsure about where you are at with Microsoft Word? Complete our online skills assessment to get a better understanding of what level of Microsoft Word training you should start at. We offer an assortment of Word trainings at different levels and speeds:

  • Word Boot Camp – Complete a 2-day training that will encompass basic to advanced Word skills.
  • Word Basic – Cover basic concepts in get a solid introduction into the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Word Intermediate – Learn to use the software beyond just word processor. Edit and design documents.
  • Word Advanced – Discover advanced topics in Word and build complex, interactive documents.

Our Microsoft Word trainings are meant to be a tool for you and your company. Whether just you or everyone in your department needs brought up to speed on the latest technology we can customize a training towards your needs. We offer private trainings so that our materials can better suite your company’s needs. We can vary how customized you would like the training from incorporating common files used in the company as examples or custom topics conversations that are highly applicable to your company and employees. Discover and take part in our Microsoft Word trainings in Denver and our Microsoft Word trainings in Phoenix. Register to save you or your companies spot today in one of trainings that are guaranteed to go beyond your expectations.