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  • Excel TrainingExcel Basic

    Are you new to Excel? This class is designed for students who need Excel training for beginners.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Intermediate

    Our intermediate Excel training course covers more complex Excel functions, charting, and data tools. Build upon your basic knowledge of this essential application to learn more formatting, more formulas, and more functionality.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Advanced

    Advanced Excel training covers more intricate formulas, creating validations, writing macros, embedding other documents, and protecting your data in Excel. The class includes useful functions for various business applications, as well as how to combine these with other functions.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Boot Camp

    Our Microsoft Excel Boot Camp covers most of our Excel content in an action packed 3 days in Denver or Phoenix. This Excel course includes the content from the Intermediate, Advanced, Pivot Tables and Charts, Managing Databases classes, and some of the content from our Functions and Formulas.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Functions And Formulas

    In this class you will learn advanced Excel formulas and functions. Learn how to develop more complex formulas and learn the power of arrays. Learn formulas to help you automate and simplify your spreadsheets.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Pivot Tables & Charts

    In the Excel Pivot Tables and Charts course, you will learn how to analyze data using these important tools. You will learn how to turn a table of data into a manageable analysis, without ever having to alter the original table. You will also learn how to give your data more visual impact, using the many different charts available in Excel.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Managing Databases

    Do you feel like you have rows and rows of data and it’s hard to make heads or tails of it? This class, will help you learn how to manage databases in Excel, and get the most out of them. You will learn how to analyze Excel data, as well as better manage large tables of it. You will learn the most useful database functions in Excel to help you add, average, count, and find information in your rows.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel PowerPivot

    Our Excel PowerPivot training courses offered in both Phoenix and Denver, covers ways you can organize, manipulate, and report on your data in a more effective way by using Excel’s PowerPivot tool.

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Dashboards

    Learn how to create dashboards in Excel that allow you to extract actionable organizational intelligence from your raw data, and present it in a visual format that enables decision makers to view key trends and conclusions at a glance

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  • Excel TrainingExcel Macros

    Excel macros are an excellent tool to help streamline your workflow, and cut down on repetitive tasks. The ability to record macros in Microsoft Excel means that you can easily add macros to your daily work.  Learn how to automate your spreadsheets from one of our on-site instructors in both the Denver and Phoenix area training centers.

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ExcelExcel is a platform that is used by most if not all businesses in today’s busy world. It is essential that you have a deeper understanding of this platform to thrive in the ever-changing technical business world. Excel allows you to organize data, such as sales figures, taxes or commissions into different formats within a spreadsheet. It has many other features as well that allow you to enter, calculate and analyze the data you are working with. Understand Excel deeper and boost your confidence when using this common business platform through our Microsoft Excel trainings. Our live, in-person Microsoft Excel trainings are in Denver & Phoenix.

Mission Critical Training offers extensive Microsoft Excel trainings in Denver & Phoenix that cover all useful features and functions. Do you enjoy learning from a live, in-person teacher? Mission Critical offers just that we go beyond just online recordings so that you can interact with your instructor and get real-time feedback with the learning process. We offer Microsoft Excel trainings of all levels both live and in-person in two different locations. We service both Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. Each course builds upon the last and they will give you a broad understanding of Excel and its capabilities.

We would love the opportunity to help you expand your knowledge on this popular organization database tool through our Microsoft Excel trainings. As stated above, we offer a wide selection of training levels:

  • Basic Excel Training – New to Excel? This class is for you!
  • Intermediate Excel Training – This course covers more complex Excel functions, data, and charts.
  • Advanced Excel Training – Go even deeper into Excel, learn more intricate formulas, validations, and more.
  • Excel Boot Camp – Join this action packed 3-day boot camp to get a strong grasp on Excel functions.
  • Excel Functions & Formulas – Learn how to develop more complex formulas and functions in Excel.
  • Excel Pivot Tables & Charts – Use visual data to make a greater impact, learn about Excel tables and charts.
  • Excel Managing Databases – Get the most out of databases in Excel through learning how to efficiently analyze.
  • Excel PowerPivot – Learn how to organize, report, and manipulate the data in Excel.
  • Excel Dashboards – Create dashboards in Excel that present raw data in a visual format.
  • Excel Macros – Increase your efficiency, streamline your workflow and decrease repetitive tasks.

Whether you have never even opened an Excel spreadsheet or you are looking for an organizational tool to make sense out of the rows of data that you currently have in front of you. Our Microsoft Excel trainings in Denver are in the well-known, tech savvy Denver Tech Center, and Westminster. While our Microsoft Excel trainings in Phoenix are in Tempe. Check out the calendar to see what days the different classes are held in each city!

Take the opportunity to further your knowledge base through our Microsoft Excel training. We understand that life can get in the way and so we offer class retakes, customized training, and individual attention. These are just a few of the great features that our trainings provide. We take pride in our flexibility and the in-person, live trainings so that you get the most out of your dollars invested into training. Explore the other trainings that we offer through the ‘All Courses’ tab listed above. If you have any questions or concerns at any point feel free to request more information via one of our forms and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We are excited for you to take advantage of this opportunity and to better yourself not only in the tool of Excel but in your workplace.