Advanced Project Management

Course Description

Advanced Project Management Training in Denver & Phoenix

projectmanagementTake your Project Management skills to the next level by learning the formal skills needed for larger assignments in our Advanced Project Management training in Denver & Phoenix.

Training Class Goal

Learn the Arrows of ZengWay, a simple yet effective set of tools for the growing manager. You will have the opportunity to work in a team to set up and manage a complete Project right in the classroom, without the use of specialized software or techniques.


You have been managing projects for a while, and you know the basics, but feel unprepared for larger assignments. Or perhaps you have received introductory-level training, but want to go deeper. If you are faced with a Project surrounded by great complexity, this session will help you develop your skillset to meet the challenge and improve the quality of every Project and Situation you manage.

Topics Covered

  • The four factors to consider before launching your Project
  • The two factors that you must consider at all times
  • Problem-solving – the missing tools in standard Project Management
  • Situation Management versus Project Management – what is the difference?
  • Risk or Problem? How to tell them apart
  • Problem or Decision
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • How to set up communication for your Project
  • Effective Goal-setting
  • The eight factors to manage any Situation.

Learn the advanced aspects of the Arrows of ZengWay, the system to manage any Project, Situation or Goal-oriented activity. With these tools, you can be prepared to face new Projects and complex situations with a complete systems approach. Additionally, these same tools can be applied to your daily activities.

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