Advanced Project Management

Course Description

Advanced Project Management

projectmanagementTake your Project Management skills to the next level by learning the formal skills needed for larger assignments in our Advanced Project Management class

Training Class Goal

Learn the Arrows of ZengWay, a simple yet effective set of tools for the growing manager. You will have the opportunity to work in a team to set up and manage a complete Project right in the classroom, without the use of specialized software or techniques.


You have been managing projects for a while, and you know the basics, but feel unprepared for larger assignments. Or perhaps you have received introductory-level training, but want to go deeper. If you are faced with a Project surrounded by great complexity, this session will help you develop your skillset to meet the challenge and improve the quality of every Project and Situation you manage.

Topics Covered

  • The four factors to consider before launching your Project
  • The two factors that you must consider at all times
  • Problem-solving – the missing tools in standard Project Management
  • Situation Management versus Project Management – what is the difference?
  • Risk or Problem? How to tell them apart
  • Problem or Decision
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • How to set up communication for your Project
  • Effective Goal-setting
  • The eight factors to manage any Situation.

Learn the advanced aspects of the Arrows of ZengWay, the system to manage any Project, Situation or Goal-oriented activity. With these tools, you can be prepared to face new Projects and complex situations with a complete systems approach. Additionally, these same tools can be applied to your daily activities.

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