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Access Intermediate Training in Denver & Phoenix


So, you’ve built a database, but now you want to do more with the information you’ve gathered.  This Intermediate Access training in Denver & Phoenix builds on the concepts taught in Access Basic and covers more advanced features. You will be able to build more customized forms and employ more complex queries.  This class will also teach you how to display the information generated in reports in more visually dynamic charts, as well as explore data relationships with pivot tables.  You will get plenty of interactive experience to ensure you have mastered each lesson, and our instructors will be there lead you to a full understanding of the material and answer all of your questions.

Class Price: $410

Access Intermediate Training Class Goal

Students who complete this Intermediate Access training class will be able to develop more advanced Access databases, as well as extract advanced reports from their databases. This course will enable students to explore the complex relationships between data sets.  Relational databases are introduced. Students will learn to use graphics, PivotTables and charts to give their data visual impact.  This Intermediate Access course will give the student a confident proficiency of this database application.


Students should enter this Intermediate Access training course with Basic Access skills including navigation, creating and using databases in both design and datasheet view,  and creating basic reports, queries, and forms.

Topic Covered

  • Relational databases
  • Database normalization
  • Table Relationships
  • Referential integrity
  • Creating lookup fields
  • Sub-datasheets
  • Complex queries
  • Joining tables in a query
  • Using calculated fields
  • Summarizing and grouping values
  • Advanced form design
  • Adding unbound controls
  • Graphics
  • Adding combo boxes
  • Reports and printing
  • Customized headers and footers
  • Calculated values
  • Labels
  • Charts in forms and reports
  • PivotTables and Pivot Chart

Mission Critical’s Intermediate Microsoft Access training class will empower you to get more out of your databases with this powerful application.

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