Access Boot Camp

Course Description

Microsoft Access Crash Course

icon_accessThis class covers all concepts in Microsoft Access and teaches foundational skills for building a database through advanced techniques for editing and maintaining a robust database.

Class Price: $1,650

Training Class Goal

Students will come from this class feeling confident in designing an Access database, and making changes to an existing one while using all of the database components including tables, queries, forms and reports.


Intermediate computer skills and experience with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.

Topics Covered

  • Design vs. Datasheet View
  • Database wizard
  • Creating blank databases
  • Creating tables

Working with Fields

  • Adding fields
  • Identifying primary key fields
  • Adding records
  • Changing table designs
  • Modifying field names
  • Deleting and inserting fields


  • Finding and editing records
  • Sorting and filtering records
  • Setting field properties
  • Input Masks
  • Validation Rules
  • Indexes


  • Creating Queries
  • Filtering Queries
  • Modifying query results
  • Operations in Queries
  • Using Calculators
  • Average and Count functions
  • Creating forms to enter data
  • Formatting and customizing forms
  • Using forms to find, sort, and filter records
  • Creating reports through the report wizard
  • Field properties

Relational databases

  • Database normalization
  • Table Relationships
  • Referential integrity

    Related Tables

  • Creating lookup fields
  • Modifying lookup fields
  • Sub-datasheets

    Complex queries

  • Joining tables in a query
  • Using calculated fields
  • Summarizing and grouping values

    Advanced form design

  • Adding unbound controls
  • Graphics
  • Adding combo boxes

    Reports and printing

  • Customized headers and footers
  • Calculated values
  • Labels
  • Charts in forms and reports
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

    Querying with SQL

  • SQL and Access
  • Writing SQL statements
  • Attaching SQL queries to controls

    Advanced Queries

  • Creating parameter queries
  • Using Action queries


  • Creating, running, and modifying macros
  • Attaching macros to the events of database objects

    Advanced Macros

  • Creating macros to provide user interaction
  • Creating macros that require user input
  • Creating the AutoKeys and AutoExec macros
  • Creating macros for data transfer

    Importing, Exporting, and Linking

  • Importing objects
  • Exporting objects
  • Interacting with XML documents
  • Linking Access objects
  • Working with Windows SharePoint Services

    Database Management

  • Optimizing resources
  • Protecting databases
  • Setting options and properties

    Internet Integration

  • Hyperlink fields
  • Working with Outlook
  • Navigation Forms
  • Tabbed Forms
  • Switchboards
  • Splash Screens
  • Read-Only Forms
  • Workshop – Instructor led assistance on individual student databases


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