Creating and Using an Organization Chart in Visio

In Visio, a user can quickly create an organization chart with information from a linked Excel workbook. There are advantages to using this method, as Visio will automatically place individuals in the correct areas of the chart, without the user having to create or move the individual placeholders one at a time. Visio will also create the correct connection lines for the entire chart at the same time.

The wizard allows information to be used from an Excel workbook, either utilizing an existing file, or typing in the needed information directly into the wizard. Unlike PowerPoint and Word, in which one is required to manipulate every piece of the chart to get it to look just right, Visio does it all instantly.

Another reason to use Visio for an organization chart, other applications, is that additional information can be kept and accessed very quickly from behind the scenes. This also allows for quick exporting, which means full information can be sent wherever it might be needed, without needing Visio. This is especially important if the person receiving the information does not have Visio installed on their computer.

Many optional elements can be added to the basic chart once it is created. These options include pictures, or placeholder shapes and colors, which make the chart more dynamic.

Watch our video to see how to create organizational charts with the wizard, and how to quickly export information: