Creating Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are a great way to manipulate data quickly, with the ability to review data in many various layouts. Creating Pivot Tables can be done quickly, in less than 60 seconds, but there are some important steps to take with your data before you setup your Pivot Table.

  1. Your data should contain no empty columns or rows of data. Individual cells can be missing data, but if an entire column or row are empty, Excel will not recognize all your data during the setup phase.
  2. Your data is formatted correctly. Currency, numbers, dates, etc., should be formatted prior to inserting a Pivot Table, so that Excel can supply the proper functionality for each field.
  3. There are headers for each column of information, and that all columns with headers have information.
  4. Information is two dimensional. In other words, there are no columns with the same headers or information.

Now that your data is setup properly, here is how to set up a Pivot Table in 60 seconds or less:

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