Live Communication Courses

Emotional Intelligence

In the Emotional Intelligence training you will learn how to influence and direct your emotional states, read and influence others’ emotions, and even anticipate their behaviors. Emotional Intelligence classes will help you develop the skills to be more effective in communication, manage conflicts better, and get people from no to yes. EQ is now a stronger predictor of success than IQ, and many companies are now hiring candidates based on their EQ. Learning how to master your Emotional Intelligence can launch you on the road to success in both your personal and work goals.

Effective Business Communication

Effective Communication can lead directly to improvement in your self-confidence, career, relationships, and your entire life’s quality. Effective business communication training can help you be more effective at work, ensure your points come across correctly, and help you create stronger work relationships. In this business communication class you will learn how to be effective when communicating at work to generate the results you want.

Communication, Managing Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable component of dealing with other people. However, conflict does not have to be a bad thing. It can be an opportunity to increase value, change for the better, or strengthen relationships. In this managing conflict training, you will learn the communication techniques that prevent, manage and master conflict.

Presentation Skills – Mastering The Basics

Does the thought of giving a presentation cause you anxiety? Public speaking is a skill that can be developed through training. In our public speaking courses you will develop the skills you need to communicate with conviction, clarity and confidence. This level 1 class will help you master the basics in learning how to enhance your own natural speaking style, organize your information, overcome fear, and create a polished presentation.

Developing The Presentation Advantage

Our Public Speaking 2 class further develops presentation and audience management skills to increase retention. This class offers more in-depth public speaking coaching to help students learn how to make their presentations dynamic and engaging so the audience will never forget it. As well, in this public speaking seminar, students will learn to effectively use additional tools, such as PowerPoint, to compliment their presentation and engage their audience.

Public Speaking Workshop

Practice and polish your Public Speaking skills with our Public Speaking Workshop. An Instructor facilitates the workshop by answering questions, training in small groups, and leading the class in exercises.

Meeting with Results

Are meetings a drain on your time? Are they painful to sit through? They don’t have to be. Learn how to make meetings a productive use of your time that accomplish results, engage attendees, and are not a dreaded event.

Writing Effective Emails

This class gives personnel at all organizational levels the techniques they need to communicate clearly, professionally, and effectively through email.

While email has become widely accepted as the default method of communication in business, many employees struggle with balancing appropriate style, tone and construction with the convenience and speed of email. This webinar takes a fresh look at how to use professional business writing principles and guidelines to get the most from email communication by writing effective emails.

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