Managing Conflict

Course Description

Conflict is an inevitable component of dealing with other people. However, conflict does not have to be a bad thing. It can be an opportunity to increase value, change for the better, or strengthen relationships. In this managing conflict training, you will learn the communication techniques that prevent, manage and master conflict.

Training Class Goal

Usually the most common causes of conflict are tied to a lack of or breakdown in communication. The managing conflict course will go through where this communication can break down and how to address it before it causes conflict. The managing conflict class will also help you deal with conflict, understand its benefits, and reach to positive outcomes when confronted with it.

There are many different models for dealing with conflict, and this managing conflict training will discuss and apply some of them to give you the tools to master different situations. This class includes lots of hands on practice of the techniques so you can try them out in a safe environment.

Do you have to deal with conflict in negotiations? This managing conflict course will also work through how to create a win/win result in negotiations.


None – this class is useful for anyone working in business that wants to improve their conflict communication skills at the office.

Topic Covered

    • Changing Assumptions

    • Benefits of Confrontation

    • Defining Conflict

    • Getting to the heart of the problem with the 3 Fs

    • Managing Anger – coping strategies

    • The 3-step conflict resolution model

    • The 5 stages of conflict

    • Creating the Win/win

    • The role of communication in Conflict Resolution – the communication chain

    • Establishing positive intent

Our managing conflict classes will help you be prepared for conflict that arises and help you navigate it with more confidence and finesse. You will be better able to identify it and then pull from a repertoire of techniques to help you solve it.

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