225px-cisco_logo_svgThis course describes the requirements, resources and tools needed to perform routine adds, moves and changes in the inbound/outbound UCCE environment. This course is intended for those administering the solution, or who may be responsible for Level 1-2 support of the solution.

Training Class Goal

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives.

  • Identify the basic components and operations of the Unified CCE solution.
  • Configure and script a basic UCCE CVP deployment.
  • Perform the ICM configuration tasks required to support basic agent functionality.
  • Build and test a basic ICM script utilizing microapps.
  • Configure and script UCCE to support reporting requirements, precision queuing and RONA.
  • Deploy the CVP VXML component in a Unified CCE solution successfully.
  • Generate basic reports using Cisco Unified IC.


Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways and basic understanding of contact center operations.

Topics Covered

  • Unified CCE Overview
  • Attributes of Cisco Unified CCE
  • Cisco Unified CCE Components
  • Unified CCE Naming Conventions
  • Cisco Unified CCE Options
  • Agent Desktop Options
  • Whats New
  • Unified CCE Architecture and Components
  • PSTN and Voice Gateways
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM)
  • Agent Phones and Features
  • Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (ICM)
  • Cisco Voice Portal (CVP)
  • What is VXML?
  • Features of Unified CVP
  • Unified CCE Terms
  • Unified CCE Call Flow Types
  • Additional Unified CCE Components
  • CCMP
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Geographic Dependencies/CCE Networks
  • Packaged CCE
  • Accessing UCM
  • Accessing ICM
  • Accessing CVP
  • Accessing Voice Gateways
  • Accessing Contact Center Management Portal (CCMP)

Module 2: UCCE Configuration and Scripting

  • Configuration Manager Overview
  • Tools Menu
  • Configure ICM Menu
  • Step by Step Menu
  • Outbound Option Menu
  • Script Editor Overview
  • Using Script Editor Nodes
  • Understanding Variables
  • ICM Queuing Nodes
  • Scheduling Scripts
  • Scripting for CVP
  • Microapplications
  • ECC Variables
  • Audio Files

Module 3: Unified CCE Inbound Agent Considerations

  • CTI Server
  • CTI Desktop Options
  • Finesse
  • Finesse Desktop
  • CTI OS Server
  • CTI OS Client
  • Cisco Agent Desktop
  • Solutions Plus
  • CTI Design Consideration
  • ICM as the ACD
  • Configuration Manager
  • Agent Desk Settings
  • Skill Group Explorer
  • Agent Explorer
  • Agent Targeting Rule
  • Agent Login
  • Configuring UCM for Agent Functionality
  • Unified CM Application User
  • Configuring Agent IP Phones for Unified CCE
  • Review Partitions and Calling Search Spaces
  • ICM Enterprise Initial Logic
  • Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting to Support Agent Functionality
  • Save and Schedule Script
  • Testing your Script
  • Agent Login

Module 4: Unified CCE IVR/VRU Functionality

  • UCCE Script Editors
  • Microapps and ECC Variables
  • Media Server and Files
  • Gateway Considerations
  • Play Media
  • Get Digits
  • Play Data
  • Menu
  • Get Speech
  • Capture
  • ICM Configuration Steps
  • Building a UCCE Script Using Microapps

Module 5: Additional UCCE Considerations

  • Reporting Touch Points
  • Reporting Objects
  • Precision Routing Overview
  • CCE Precision Routing Review and Scenario
  • Traditional Skills Based Routing to Solve Scenario
  • CCE Web Administration Overview
  • Agents and Attributes
  • Precision Queues
  • CCE Scripting for PQs
  • RONA

Module 6: VXML Implementation

  • What is VXML?
  • Cisco Unified CVP VXML Solution
  • Cisco Unified CVP VXML Server Configuration
  • Cisco Unified Call Studio Project Configuration
  • Project Deployment and Server Maintenance Tasks
  • ICM Considerations for VXML Application Support

Module 7: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting

  • CUIC Features and Benefits
  • Deployment Models
  • CUIC Databases
  • Personalizing Reports
  • Additional Features
  • Navigating CUIC
  • Running CUIC Stock Reports
  • CUIC Dashboards

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