Using Word Templates

When you were in school, you probably had to write according to standards set forth by the your school, such as the APA or MLA stylebooks. In Word, you can preset a template that meets those standards, and not have to remember it again. Every time you open your Word template, the document format is … Continue reading Using Word Templates

Selecting Text in Word

There are different ways to select text in a Word document, from a single word to the entire document. Sure, you can drag-select text anywhere in a document, but selecting text with a few clicks can be much faster. Just click to select text Single-clicking anywhere in text gets you where you are going, but … Continue reading Selecting Text in Word

Mail Merge in Word

Being able to enter data and save it in one central location is great, but being able to access the information is more important, since data that never gets used for anything is pretty worthless data. In some cases, we use our data for statistics, so we can make decisions for the future of the … Continue reading Mail Merge in Word

Professional Symbols – Word

Have you ever wondered how to add the various professional symbols in Word? Symbols for copyright, trademark, and others are available, but they are not always easy to find. The good news is that once you find the symbols you regularly use, they will remain in the Recently Used Symbols section: To find these symbols, … Continue reading Professional Symbols – Word

Editing a PDF File – Word

Did you know that you can edit a PDF file in Word? It is not the same as editing with an actual PDF software, but you can edit the document enough to fix errors or update the look of the document. Word will translate items you want to edit into the best format for editing … Continue reading Editing a PDF File – Word

Custom Bullet Points in Word

Customizing a bullet point can be fun and useful, bringing more attention to important information. As with anything new, using this method to bring attention to information takes a little time to get others in sync with you. However, once it catches on, it can help people understand what is a priority, when it comes … Continue reading Custom Bullet Points in Word

Set up and protect your templates in Word

Setting up a template in Word helps save you time by not requiring you to reinvent the wheel every time you need to create a document. Such reinvention feels very time consuming, especially if you are using the same settings over and over. Word populates a blank document with generic settings every time you open … Continue reading Set up and protect your templates in Word

Quickly add random text in Word

Have you ever been in the middle of a presentation using Word and had the need to demonstrate something with text, so you typed in a bunch of garbage text? Alternatively, maybe you were preparing for a presentation and had to type in a bunch of verbiage to use for your presentation, knowing it could … Continue reading Quickly add random text in Word

Creating Page Numbers Starting on Page 2

When creating documents, sometimes it is necessary to start the page numbering on the second page. Some reasons this might be necessary are that the first page might be a title page, or a page that the page number does not look right aesthetically. In some cases, starting with a different page number, other than … Continue reading Creating Page Numbers Starting on Page 2

Word Overtype Mode

In early version of Word, you could press your insert key on your keyboard to either type over text or insert text. The default was to insert text, but you could quickly toggle that by pressing the insert key. After Word Version 2003, the inset key no longer seems to work.  So, how to toggle … Continue reading Word Overtype Mode