Change a Web Part Link in SharePoint

Making SharePoint easier to navigate and keeping navigation simple are two very important pieces to user buy-in. Getting these right ensures users will continue to return to the SharePoint site. Typically, when we add web parts to a page, the title link navigates to the app in the web part. But what do we do … Continue reading Change a Web Part Link in SharePoint

SharePoint – Library Versioning

SharePoint libraries are a great way to store documents, especially when there are multiple versions of the same document. In a shared drive, documents are labeled many times with v1, v2, v3…, but this can make it harder to find what you are looking for. In some cases, the documents are saved in a number … Continue reading SharePoint – Library Versioning

Designing SharePoint to be your organization’s best friend

SharePoint can either be your organization’s best friend or a confusing, twisted path that you wish you never started down.   SharePoint was developed to be a user-friendly application that allows businesses to share data and information, in a customized system.  If SharePoint sites are designed correctly, it can be a powerful tool.  However, there is … Continue reading Designing SharePoint to be your organization’s best friend

SharePoint, not Shared Drive

Don’t Build a Shared Drive Typically, the reason a company chooses to move to SharePoint is to get away from the current shared drive, as they become overly complex, and no one can find anything. All too often, unfortunately, companies build out their SharePoint site to match the old shared drive. This is a poor … Continue reading SharePoint, not Shared Drive

What is the best practice for folders in SharePoint?

There are many articles on the internet about folder best practices, but there are few that are actually accurate in their assessment. This is mostly due to the idea that a folder structure is the ideal way to build out a SharePoint site. Keep in mind, the reason a company moves from a shared drive … Continue reading What is the best practice for folders in SharePoint?

A New Year is Here!

2017 is fading into the taillights, and now a brand new year of opportunity is opening before us. We here at Mission Critical want to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. We even have new course offerings to help make that so. Brand new for 2018, in our Microsoft Training series, we … Continue reading A New Year is Here!

Search Helpers in SharePoint

Searching in SharePoint can be a powerful tool, if you know what you are doing. Fortunately for us, search in SharePoint is very similar to searching in most online search engines. Let’s take a look at a couple of the options available to us:   AND, OR, NOT These options can cut down or add … Continue reading Search Helpers in SharePoint

How SharePoint Can Help a Mobile Workforce

Mobile workforces need to replace face-to-face interaction and in-office time with other tools to stay connected and productive.  When working in an office, there inherently tends to be more communication, idea generation sharing, collaboration, transparency of information, and community/team building.  It is important to develop and encourage these areas with mobile workforces, so you don’t … Continue reading How SharePoint Can Help a Mobile Workforce

Create SharePoint Metadata Columns

Once you know how useful metadata can be for your SharePoint lists and libraries (see our Just Tips post from October 2016 called SharePoint Metadata), the next task is to create your metadata columns. First, figure out what metadata you would like to use for these columns. Typically, there is some sort of structure that … Continue reading Create SharePoint Metadata Columns

How to Use a Quick Edit Menu in SharePoint

In older versions of SharePoint, uploading multiple documents was not an easy process, whereas the newer versions of SharePoint (2013, 2016 and 365) have the added ability to drag and drop many documents into a library at the same time. Once uploaded, adding metadata to those documents would be time consuming, if we had to … Continue reading How to Use a Quick Edit Menu in SharePoint