Outlook Today Overview

Opening Outlook can be daunting at times, especially if you are someone who receives one hundred-plus emails every night. All you see is chaos first thing in the morning, and you are instantly stresses out, before you get anything done. There is an easier way to view your day or week in Outlook, by using … Continue reading Outlook Today Overview

Group Emails – Time Management with Outlook

Making order out of the chaos of our Inbox  can be a cumbersome job. However, failing to do so often means we have a hard time finding needed emails regarding a project, or ones sent on the same date. Grouping emails together by conversations is helpful, but sometimes the people in those conversations start a … Continue reading Group Emails – Time Management with Outlook

Mailbox Shortcuts in Outlook

Most people love shortcuts, and use them regularly for just about anything.. In Outlook, a user can create shortcuts to go to various mailboxes or folders within a mailbox, with just a few easy steps. Follow the steps below to create mailbox  shortcuts in Outlook, to find your most used mailboxes, or other items, quickly: … Continue reading Mailbox Shortcuts in Outlook

Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

It’s almost here: The busy holiday season. The old song may call it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but in reality it can be the most stressful time of year. Year-end projects, family gatherings, office parties, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, and all of that is on top of the usual demands of … Continue reading Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

Scheduling an Event in Outlook

Scheduling an event in Outlook might be second nature for most, but there are lots of little unfamiliar extras, such as inviting others to the events. In some cases, a user might be in charge of a company Outlook account, which means that all the invites to the company holiday party can be sent through … Continue reading Scheduling an Event in Outlook

Be a Time Management with Outlook Superhero

Meanwhile, back at the Work Cave. . . “Holy laser printers, Workman! That deadline is approaching fast, and you are being distracted by incoming emails!” “They are coming in every couple of minutes, Bobbin! I can’t hold them off much longer. My inbox will never be empty!” “But, Workman, what about the project?” “I’m doing … Continue reading Be a Time Management with Outlook Superhero

Removing Redundant Messages in Outlook

It is annoying, and wastes your time, to see 20 or 30 of the same message in your Outlook folders, especially if you store your messages as conversations.  It can mean you see the same string of messages repeatedly, along with anything that is added as the conversation moves along. In Outlook, there is a … Continue reading Removing Redundant Messages in Outlook

Outlook: Add Task View below a Calendar

Being able to combine views in Outlook is part of what allows us to be more efficient in our day-to-day work life, as having enough time to get everything done seems to consistently elude us. Therefore, anything we can do with our software to aid in this process is worth exploring. Adding a task view … Continue reading Outlook: Add Task View below a Calendar

Create Search Folders in Outlook

Using a Search Folder will allow you to find particular emails faster, without having to move them from folders that you have created in Outlook, or when emails first arrive. Here’s how to setup a Search Folder: Want to learn more skills to organize your life and save your time? Take an Outlook training course … Continue reading Create Search Folders in Outlook

Outlook: Auto Archive folders

You can Auto Archive folders in Outlook, in order to keep excess emails from becoming an issue. Click on the Auto Archive command, under the Folder tab, in the Properties group. A dialog box appears that allows you to set up when items are to be archived. The default setting is Do not archive items … Continue reading Outlook: Auto Archive folders