Time for You

Let’s face it: Summer just isn’t the time to work on you. With the kids out of school, family gatherings for the Fourth of July, backyard barbecues, and trips to the local pool, the closest you likely could get to working on self-improvement was working on your tan. Now, however, we are settling into the … Continue reading Time for You

Effectively manage remote employees

Quickly disappearing are the days of companies where all employees are based in one office.  In our globally shrinking competitive landscape, drivers for this change include: speed to service, less travel cost with clients being spread out, and improved customer service.   This creates challenges in company expectations of remote employees, and in effectively managing a … Continue reading Effectively manage remote employees

Management 101 – The Basics

Have you recently stepped into a Management role, or are you planning to in the near future?  Management is both a very rewarding and challenging job all, if it is done right.  You must be a leader, coach, and motivator for your team. Ultimately, you work for your employees.  You are the person who removes … Continue reading Management 101 – The Basics

Employee Team Breakdown

Are you spending more time managing the interpersonal relationships between your employees than actually helping your team meet their goals? Is communication between your team members wrought with tension? Do you sometimes feel like you are working with a bunch of 12 year-olds, instead of business professionals? Is your office more like a war zone … Continue reading Employee Team Breakdown

Revolutionary Learning – Management with Compassion

We have all had those “Aha” moments, when the blinders are removed, the light bulb goes on, and things become clear. These revolutionary learning experiences can radically change our entire approach to our jobs, or even life. Here we look at one revolutionary shift managers can make to be truly exceptional. The Adversarial Manager Many … Continue reading Revolutionary Learning – Management with Compassion

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Emotional Intelligence and effective interpersonal communication are important tools in the workplace, but getting a handle on these skills is not always simple. Understanding the motivations of others, as well as being able to best express your ideas to others, can be central to building a strong team for any project. When these elements break … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Introduction to Sales and Business Development

Sales. Some people are just born to do it. Right? Not so fast – There are specific tools and techniques that can make anyone a Sales Superstar. Mission Critical Training’s Introduction to Sales and Business Development course can give you the skills you need to develop leads, wow with your brand presentations, and get your … Continue reading Introduction to Sales and Business Development

Management 101

What makes a good manager? We are all familiar with the beast, a micromanaging control freak who rules their team by fear instead of empowerment and motivation. Most employees not only fail to give their best to such a manager, they are often quickly looking for the exit door. If you are just stepping into … Continue reading Management 101

A New Year is Here!

2017 is fading into the taillights, and now a brand new year of opportunity is opening before us. We here at Mission Critical want to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. We even have new course offerings to help make that so. Brand new for 2018, in our Microsoft Training series, we … Continue reading A New Year is Here!

Managing Performance – Keeping a Remote Team on the Right Track

How do you keep a remote team on the right track and in-line with the company and team needs?  How do you ensure they understand how to perform and know how they are performing? You can keep your team focused toward reaching the same goals and achieving them, by following a 5 tiered hierarchal structure … Continue reading Managing Performance – Keeping a Remote Team on the Right Track