Evaluating Formulas in Excel

If you build formulas with the help of the Function Library, a dialog box pops up, and helps you fill in the different areas with the correct information, then evaluates your formula as you move through the setup process. If you like to write your formulas without that help of the Function Library, then what … Continue reading Evaluating Formulas in Excel

Revolutionary Learning Experiences: Excel Automation

We have all had those “Aha” moments, when the blinders are removed, the light bulb goes on, and things become clear. These revolutionary learning experiences can radically change our entire approach to our jobs, or even life. Here we look a look at one approach to working with Excel that can revolutionize the way you … Continue reading Revolutionary Learning Experiences: Excel Automation

Go Further than Advanced in Excel

You know your way around a spreadsheet. You know how to set up your columns; you use some swanky shortcuts to reduce the time it takes you to input data; you have a utilitarian list of Excel functions at your disposal. But what if you could do more? What if you could become the ultimate … Continue reading Go Further than Advanced in Excel

Finding Worksheets in Excel

When working with Excel, especially if you are trying to fully automate a workbook, you can create many worksheets to keep from recreating the wheel.  Doing so often means navigating to various print jobs, and can be exhausting. You can search for your worksheets by clicking the left or right arrows, or the “…” that … Continue reading Finding Worksheets in Excel

Removing Duplicates in Excel

  Removing duplicate information can be both helpful and intimidating when working with many line items in Excel. Follow these steps to make the process easy : Ensure your data has column headers and that there are no blank columns or rows between data you want selected and checked. Click anywhere inside the data you … Continue reading Removing Duplicates in Excel

TEXTJOIN Function in Excel

Excel 2019 has many new features to offer users. Some of the features that were only offered in browser mode for Excel 2016, are now available for the Excel 2019 client application, i.e., available on your computer desktop. One such feature is the TEXTJOIN function. Some software requires that information be setup a certain way … Continue reading TEXTJOIN Function in Excel

Embedding Documents in Excel

Embedding documents in an Excel workbook is a technique that is not widely used, mostly because not many people know you can embed a document in a worksheet. There are three different ways to embed and/or link documents in Excel, but we are going to embed a document directly in Excel, with no links. First, … Continue reading Embedding Documents in Excel

Creating 3D References between Workbooks in Excel

  Using 3D References between worksheets in an Excel workbook has been around for many years. It allows us to use Excel more like a database than a spreadsheet. As Excel functionality has increased, so has Excel’s capabilities, including the speed that connections update, and the types of connections that can be made between different … Continue reading Creating 3D References between Workbooks in Excel

PowerPivot KPI Setup – Excel

PowerPivot is an added functionality in Excel that offers a dynamic way to display information from other sources. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) allows a user to dynamically create visuals for data being displayed in the PowerPivot table. Once you have a PowerPivot table setup, which requires a number of steps that include activating the … Continue reading PowerPivot KPI Setup – Excel

Show Formulas Shortcut – Excel

When prepping a workbook for a template, typically it needs to be cleared of data, so that the template is ready for new data each time a new workbook is created. The functionality, on the other hand, needs to be left intact, so that a user does not need to recreate the wheel every time … Continue reading Show Formulas Shortcut – Excel