Developing your Organization’s Training Program

Anyone who has tried it knows that employee development and training is not as easy as just bringing in an SME to ramble on and on about what they know. There are quite a few hurdles to get over just to get something on the schedule, not to mention to ensure a quality learning experience. … Continue reading Developing your Organization’s Training Program

Be the Boss – Complete our training survey

When it comes to training, you are the boss. When we create our classes, as well as our comprehensive training programs, we do it with you, the individual student, as well as our corporate partners in mind. We develop our classes to meet the needs of students who are looking to develop their skills and … Continue reading Be the Boss – Complete our training survey

Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The winter chill is leaving and being replaced by the smell of flowers. The days are growing longer, and the sun is inspiring us to shake off the feeling of hibernation and embrace the fresh and the new. Get out the mops and brooms and put a shine on your world! In terms … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Employee Team Breakdown

Are you spending more time managing the interpersonal relationships between your employees than actually helping your team meet their goals? Is communication between your team members wrought with tension? Do you sometimes feel like you are working with a bunch of 12 year-olds, instead of business professionals? Is your office more like a war zone … Continue reading Employee Team Breakdown

Revolutionary Learning – Management with Compassion

We have all had those “Aha” moments, when the blinders are removed, the light bulb goes on, and things become clear. These revolutionary learning experiences can radically change our entire approach to our jobs, or even life. Here we look at one revolutionary shift managers can make to be truly exceptional. The Adversarial Manager Many … Continue reading Revolutionary Learning – Management with Compassion

We are hiring!

Mission Critical Training is looking for a few good people. Are you one of them? We are looking to fill three positions: Sales Lead Generator This position is responsible for finding sales leads to grow the company business in Arizona and Colorado, selling training services and courses. The position requires about 80% inside lead generation … Continue reading We are hiring!

Your Annual Training Plan

How does your organization, or even your office, handle employee development and training? Is there an annual or ongoing plan, complete with schedule and a variety of courses? Or is it handled on a case by case basis? The most efficient and effective path is to have a master plan that takes into account individual … Continue reading Your Annual Training Plan

Afraid of Public Speaking?

The idea of speaking in front of an audience sends terror into the hearts of many. Will I say something stupid? Will I forget my speech? Will I sound like I know what I am talking about? Will I bore my audience to tears? Conquer that fear with training As with anything, the art of … Continue reading Afraid of Public Speaking?

Happy Holidays from Mission Critical Training

The close of 2018 offers us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months, to take stock, to gauge our successes, our missteps, and opportunities for excelling in the future. You, the clients of Mission Critical Training, are what we measure our success by, and we hope we have helped you to move … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Mission Critical Training

Getting ready for 2019!

Faster than it seems possible, 2018 is ending, and before we can say “Happy Holidays!” it will be 2019. Now is the time to make sure your 2018 training budget has been fully utilized. Mission Critical Training can help you do that, even if your employees are too busy closing out the year to take … Continue reading Getting ready for 2019!