Happy Holidays from Mission Critical Training

The close of 2018 offers us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months, to take stock, to gauge our successes, our missteps, and opportunities for excelling in the future. You, the clients of Mission Critical Training, are what we measure our success by, and we hope we have helped you to move … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Mission Critical Training

Getting ready for 2019!

Faster than it seems possible, 2018 is ending, and before we can say “Happy Holidays!” it will be 2019. Now is the time to make sure your 2018 training budget has been fully utilized. Mission Critical Training can help you do that, even if your employees are too busy closing out the year to take … Continue reading Getting ready for 2019!

The Value of our Training

  Most people agree in the value of employee development. From improved morale to reduced turnover,  from better productivity to more opportunity to promote from within, offering training to your team is beneficial for everyone, including the company. It can sometimes be difficult, though, to know worthwhile training from off-the-shelf time wasters. There’s more to … Continue reading The Value of our Training

Training Vouchers Save You Money!

Did you know Mission Critical Training offers prepaid training vouchers? Training vouchers can be redeemed toward class registrations, and are good for a full year. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple vouchers, starting with as few as five! We offer vouchers for all of our training center class formats and locations, including half-day and full-day … Continue reading Training Vouchers Save You Money!

Don’t Settle for What You’ve Got

What do explorers, inventors, and entrepreneurs have in common? They all refused to accept the limitations of the established world. They found or created things that once were only in their imagination. No one likes to be told they can’t do something. When it comes to applications, we can feel like we have to settle … Continue reading Don’t Settle for What You’ve Got

Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

It’s almost here: The busy holiday season. The old song may call it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but in reality it can be the most stressful time of year. Year-end projects, family gatherings, office parties, shopping for gifts, holiday baking, and all of that is on top of the usual demands of … Continue reading Managing Stress during the Busy Holiday Season

Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Emotional Intelligence and effective interpersonal communication are important tools in the workplace, but getting a handle on these skills is not always simple. Understanding the motivations of others, as well as being able to best express your ideas to others, can be central to building a strong team for any project. When these elements break … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence and Effective Interpersonal Communication

Making the Connection with SQL

Generally, Microsoft applications have been created to play well together.  Most Office Suite users are familiar with the functionality of importing Excel charts and tables into a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, creating powerful ways to drive home your data’s importance. Similarly, SQL can be used with other Microsoft applications to bring your database’s … Continue reading Making the Connection with SQL

Back to School

Do you remember the excitement that you felt when you got to go Back to School shopping? Buying new sneakers, lining up your freshly sharpened pencils, picking out just the right Trapper Keeper (either the one with the sweet gray kittens or the one with the shiny red Corvette on the cover), in order to … Continue reading Back to School

Up your SharePoint Skills

Got game? Mission Critical Training has upped its SharePoint game so you can up yours! For those just getting started building their skills in site development on the SharePoint platform, we offer SharePoint Level 1, which introduces basic concepts and tools to create and edit SharePoint sites. SharePoint Level 2 gives those with a basic … Continue reading Up your SharePoint Skills