Quick Tip Preview Training in Denver & Phoenix

icon_officeThese short classes show you the quick tips you can use in popular software applications to make your work life easier.

Classes and Times

January 12th:
8am-9am – Excel – 10 simple things
9:30am-10:30am – Excel – 10 simple things
11am-12pm – PowerPoint – dynamic design tricks
1pm-2pm – Word – Why Word is driving you crazy and how to fix it
2:30pm-3:30pm – OneNote – What is it and why can’t I live without it
4pm-5pm – PowerPoint – dynamic design tricks
January 13th:
8am-9am – Word – Why Word is driving you crazy and how to fix it
9:30am-10:30am – OneNote – What is it and why can’t I live without it
11am-12pm – Communications – Active listening
1pm-2pm – Excel – 10 simple things
2:30pm-3:30pm – Excel – 10 simple things
4pm-5pm – Communications – Active listening

Training Goal

These various hour long quick tip trainings will cover tips and tricks in various software application programs and communications. Find the topic you are interested in and select the corresponding date and time to register.



Details of Each Session

Excel – the 10 simple things in Excel that can make your life easier

Excel has many powerful tools that can take numerous classes to learn. However, in this preview session, you will learn the top 10 most utilized in business spreadsheets

  • Sub-Totals and Grouping – to quickly analyze data
  • Auto Calculate – for quick answers
  • Fill Handle/Auto Fill – limit the amount of typing you have to do
  • Merge and Center – that’s how they get those perfect titles and headers
  • Text to Columns – quickly splitting up data
  • Excel Tables – turn data into quick interactive tables
  • Filters – adding filter drop-downs to large tables of data
  • Text Functions – formulas when working with text in Excel
  • Custom Lists – quick tool for reoccurring lists
  • Validations – create form drop-downs and other options

Powerpoint- Dynamic design tricks

Tired of those bullet by bullet PowerPoint presentations? Learn how to make presentations exciting and bullet free with these design techniques.

  • Transitions and Animation – how to customize
  • SmartArt – turn your bullets into art
  • Image Layering with Animation – create visual effects
  • Design Templates and Color Schemes – create a template for others to use
  • Using the Slide Master for Formatting – format your entire presentation in 5 minutes
  • Microsoft Movie Snippets – animated clip art to add to your slides
  • Creating Actions – action buttons you can customize for more excitement

Word – Why Word is driving you crazy and how to fix it

Are there things in Word that drive you crazy, that you just wish would work the way you want? Sometimes Word seems to get in the way more than help, but with this session, you will learn how to master those frustrating items, to make word behave the way you want it to.

  • Tabs – how can I get them to work where and when I want them to
  • Paragraph Formatting – there is more than meets the eye in how to format your text
  • Bullets – Get the exact bullet you want, with the right indent, without grinding your teeth or smashing your computer
  • Styles – this secret Word tool is for a lot more than formatting. Create tables of contents, PowerPoint presentations from outlines, and other features within a few seconds just by using styles.
  • Pictures – how to put your picture exactly where you want it
  • Headers & Footers – how to quickly customize page number settings, use logos and images, and section breaks

OneNote – What is it and why can’t I live without it?

Once you have attended this session, you will wonder how you ever survived without OneNote. Learn about the tool that is an electronic notebook on steroids.

  • Note Taking Features
  • Tagging, Flagging and Follow Ups
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Editing and Formulas
  • Recording Video and Audio During Mettings
  • Internet Integration
  • Drawing and Markups

Communications – How to use listening skills to help you at work and in personal communications.

Active listening is a skill many of us think we have, but have not really mastered or learned the powerful techniques to fine tune it. Learn how to finesse this skill to be more persuasive, get others to listen to you and move people to “yes”.

  • Techniques
  • Tips for Working More Effectively with Others
  • Building Team Morale Through Active Listening
  • Getting Others to Listen to You

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