Situation Management Training in Denver & Phoenix

Project ManagementWhen the challenges surrounding the project are greater than the challenges of the project, situation management is required. Project management skills are the key to attaining goals, but understanding the situation surrounding a project is essential to assuring success. Learn to connect project management with business goals with our Situation Management training class.

Just as a perfect 3 Iron shot from 10 yards out can do more harm than good, well run projects without an understanding of the situation can badly miss their mark. Knowing the context for a project is critical to achieving both a successfully completed project and a contribution to the goals of the company.

Our class is based on ZengWay: The Arrows of Situation Management. It educates beginners and experienced project managers alike in the most advanced techniques in project as well as situation management, the structure underlying all management today.

Project Management training topics:

  • Using the Triple Constraints to fully define any project
  • The critical relationship between Scope, Time and Cost- and which you must consider first
  • How to create an effective Project Charter
  • How to use the Project Requirements Document to clarify what the client wants
  • The relationship between the Scope statement and what “done” looks like
  • How to create a Work Breakdown Structure and make a Gantt Chart from it
  • How to close out a Project correctly
  • The software options available today- as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Situation management training topics:

  • Manage Data, Risks, Problems and Decisions
  • The key relationship between Goals, Projects and Situations.
  • The correct sequence to manage a situation
  • The difference between a problem and a decision, and what it means to your team
  • The all-important difference between a Risk and a Problem
  • How Professional Problem-solvers approach a problem and what key piece of information novices miss
  • How Risk Management can be the key to all planning.

Private Group Situation Management Training

This class is available in one, two and three-day formats.

  • A 1 day format covers all the materials.
  • A 2 day format allows time for more student interaction and a group case study.
  • A 3 day workshop blends a classroom, a consultancy and a staff meeting into one. Actual work product is generated simultaneously with the training.

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