Dealing with Difficult People & Situations Training in Denver & Phoenix

Class Price: $450

What’s included – a $950 value with:

  • Face-to-face, live interactive class
  • Retake – allows you to retake the entire class if you need a refresher within 6 months
  • Lunch & Learn session – choose from different topics to learn something new in the future
  • Hard copy training manual – to take notes and take with you for future reference
  • Just Tips Newsletter subscription – for ongoing monthly tips to help you learn even more!


Have you experienced frustration when:

  • Talking with a person who becomes oppositional, snippy, or an “expert” no matter the topic?
  • Confronted with a difficult person or situation and you realize you’re not equipped to deal with it?

These situations are unproductive and can throw you off the purpose of your meeting, project, or discussion, much less be embarrassing. Often, people with difficult personalities /behaviors derive attention and enjoy stirring the pot, which gives them a short-term power advantage. Sometimes though, they are not consciously intending to cause upset, slow down a project, or stir the pot. Instead, they are just who they are having learned these behaviors per previous role models. But, do we make them aware of this difficult behavior? Or, do we work to temper the moment in order to be productive? Sign up for the class and you will receive answers to these questions and more.

This course is for anyone who would like to equip themselves to address these people/situations. Your experienced instructor will address different types of difficult people/personalities that impede progress in a discussion, meeting, project or relationship and how to deal with them.

Training Class Goal

In this class you will walk away with important how to’s like:

  • A keen awareness and better understanding of others difficult behavior
  • Tools to temper and diffuse tough situations you encounter
  • Concrete skills to neutralize or re-direct someone’s inappropriate behavior
  • Steps for engaging in discussion with a difficult person to realize and shed an inappropriate behavior


None – this class is useful for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and learn to deal with difficult people and situations.

Topic Covered

  • Review of constructive verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Participants share the difficult types they encounter
  • Why these difficult people/personalities are what they are
  • Present researched difficult types and solutions
  • How to deal with each difficult type
  • Live practice dealing with difficult types and feedback
  • Action plan to address current difficult types you experience
  • Instructor coaching on your action plan

Our courses are designed specifically for companies and their employees.

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